How long for electrolysis on breast area?


I’m a woman in my early 30s and have been having professional electrolysis treatment on the hairs around my nipple area for almost two years now.

In all the areas of my body where I’ve desperately tried to remove the hair over the years (by waxing, sugaring, plucking, home electrolysis) the hairs are now dark and coarse, and I know I’ve worsened the problem (I’ve never shaved my legs, where my hair has stayed quite blond and unnoticeable - besides which, my original blood tests didn’t show any hormone imbalance). The ‘bad’ areas are the line between my belly button and my pubic hair, which I wax; my underarms, which I’ve given up trying to shave because it just seems to spread the thick hair growth a little further each time - and the area around my nipples and between my breasts.

It’s the last of these areas which continues to really upset me; it makes me loathe myself, I feel so freakish and unfeminine, and I’m sure it’s the main reason why I can’t seem to get any enthusiasm for sex with my husband anymore.

I started off by having the electrolysis done on my chest every three weeks. Two years on, it’s about every four weeks. Regrowth means that there’s only about a week out of each month where I’m hair-free and can stand to even look at my own breasts. I feel as if I will never be rid of this disgusting hair, that I will never be allowed to be happy.

My question is, does anyone know how long the treatment will take to really have an effect? It seems that there is slower regrowth on the area between my breasts, where the skin is tauter, than there is on the breasts themselves, though I don’t know if this is just my imagination. This thing is making me so miserable. Please help.


Your description of your armpit hair suggests you are getting significant new growth as you age. Since shaving has no effect on hair growth, you are likely seeing new hairs develop into terminal hairs. This is natural as we get older, although that doesn’t make it any more comforting. :frowning:

Electrolysis can treat existing hairs, but it sounds as you have new hairs coming in even as you kill off old ones. I can’t vouch for your practitioner’s skill, but she is kind of like raking leaves in the fall-- when you get done and look back, new ones have appeared where you just finished.

Since you say your hormone levels were OK, it;s probably just heredity. In some cases, women who are overweight experience hair growth, and thin women who do starvation diets also sometimes trigger new growth. So weight may be an issue, especially if you have seen a significant increase or decrease.

If the new growth is hereditary, you may need to go in every now and then indefinitely. However, if your practitioner is good, you should be able to reduce the amount of time you need considerably. A more accurate gauge of progress is the amount of time you’re getting treated, rather than the frequency of visits. In fact, if you only have one week of hair-free-ness, you might consider going more frequetly for shorter sessions. Getting hairs right when they appear is often more effective.

Finally, I know how hard it is to deal with unwanted hair, and how depressing it can be. You need to talk with your electrologist about your needs and your desire to be hair-free more. I think you’ll find that going on a slightly different shedule will be more satisfying.

Hang in there! :smile:


Andrea - thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my message, and thanks for the suggestion about more frequent, shorter treatments - I will look into this. My last treatment was a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve got an appointment booked in another two weeks’ time, but I think I’ll contact my technician and ask her if I can come a week earlier, as the new hairs have already started to appear.

Thanks again. You’ve given me some hope! :smile:

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Hi Melo

I’m thinking that maybe you could supplement your regular electrolysis with some at home to catch stuff that’s popping up in between appointments, especially since the areas you are most concerned about are easily accessed by yourself.
I’m not sure how comfortable you would be doing that but if you have the patience and good eyesight and good lighting you could probably help the process along some…just a suggestion although obviously going more often is the wisest choice but can get expensive.

Let us know what you decide and what happens.

Kathy :grin:


What method is being used…? It sounds like you may want to be looking for a new electroogist… I am not sure that they are doing an effective technique, or that they are talking with you or giving you the right treatment plan…

it is your money, spend it wisely… It is your state of mind, take control of the situation… I suggest looking for someone else to have a sample of their work done…

Good luck,