How long does the hairs stay thinner after LHR?

My hair has become remarkebly thinner after IPL and laser. It’s not just in the beginning of regrowth, but also when the hairs have grown out to their full length (after 3-4 months) they are much more thinn and fine than before treatments.
How long will this result remain? Is it permanent or will the hairs grow thicker with every new hair cycle?

Has anyone long time experience of this?

Yes, I have hair that has become thinner and finer, too. I think that’s because the follicles might not been killed, but damaged, so they are producing a thinner, finer hair. It has been over a year and its the same. How long? I don’t know. Perhaps forever?

That sounds good BBR.
But I think that maybe in the long run the body can restore the damages, or maybe not. I can recall someone here writing about how they got burned (not due to laser, but in some kind of accident) and how the hair growth dissappeared in that small area only to return again, although after a long time.
But on the other hand one would think that if fibrosis occures in the hair follicles or the components needed for hair growth after beeing exposed to the heat from laser or IPL, than the damage can’t be restored because fibrosis is something similar to a scarr (but in this case a very small and invisivble one in the dermis).

Has anyone got longer experience?
I’ve noticed some poeple writing that their hair grew to it’s original thickness after only 6 months or something.

I had my back done about 6 years ago wiht GentleLase. The upper back has remained 99% hair free and the lower back 100% hair free. Never had a problem with thinner hair or regrowth.

NoHair, How old were you when you had your treatments? What is your skin type and what were your settings? Thanks!

NoHair, I’m glad that you have had good and long lasting results. But you’re saying that your hair is gone and has not grown back.
In my case the hairs are not gone but just significantly thinner. And I wonder if this thinning of hairs, not actual removal, is permanent.

This is why the FDA uses (clears) the terms to describe LASER hair removal as permanent hair reduction as oppose to permanent hair removal.

Thinner hair sounds good. Are they lighter, too. Many people are happy with this outcome, but am I understanding that you are not pleased because you get ingrown bumps due to the weakened hair?

If your thinner hairs are dark, you could still have them lased with the “hope” that they may be removed permanently. I’ve seen other posts where these smaller hairs seem to be stable for a long time, but other posts where this is not true and they revert back to the original thicker hairs. I don’t think there is much evidence-based material to predict this or that outcome, just client heresay.


If you’ve got darker fine hairs, laser should still work, depending on your skin typ. Also, electrolysis is a valid option, especially if the hairs a light colored. Of course, the sessions would take much longer in relation to laser.

Thankyou for the reply Dee.
My hairs are still dark/black but less than before becuse they are much thinner of course.

If my thinned hairs are going to revert back to thicker hairs again, wouldn’t every hair have to go through atleast one hair cycle first?

I would be pleased if I could thinn the hairs on my body and know that they would stay thinn. But you are right, I’ve got ingrowns on my back which creates hard inflamed bumps because the hairs are thinn and grow so slowly out of the skin after treatments.
But the bumps are not red and hurting anymore and they have become smaller and I hope they diminish completely with time. Some other ingrowns didn’t create bumps but instead hyperpigmented small marks (I have dark skin).

I just don’t like how the treatments give me this permanent skin conditions. I mean, the ingrowns I can’t get out will always be visible one way or the other on the surface of my skin, bumps or marks - won’t they? And if the hairs are going to become thick again and I have to get regular treatments all my life then my skin will become horrible I think.