How long does swelling last..James..

I had my first treatment yesterday and I still notice some swelling, not that noticeable but wanted to make sure it was normal. I also see alot of little scabs that aren’t that noticeable as well. Is there anything I should put on my face to quicken the healing process. Would neosporin harm my face at this time. I’m used to wearing moisturizer but I don’t want my face inflamed. Any advice is greatly appreciated…Thanks in Advance!!!


Neosporin is basically vaseline and I don’t think that is good for the face. It will clog the pores for sure.

Usually in a 24hr period the swelling will subside. You can use some ice packs, a compress of epson salt. Keep the area free and clean. Also dont’ pick the scabs they are natures bandaid they will fall off on their own. I recommend an aloe vera and nutri gel application or something that has a healing process.

Many people are in fact allergic to Neosporin. I avoid it at all costs.

Keep the area clean and dry. You may also wish to apply your choice of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Calymine and or Hydrocortisone to the treated area. (Just don’t put them all on at once) One might also wish to take Ibuprofen before and after the treatment so that its anti-inflamitory properties can reduce or eliminate the swelling that you encounter.

U should ask ur electrologist to reduce the heat, because u really shouldn’t be getting alot of scabs, unless they r using older machines. Also, I guess neosporin has an ingredient that can trigger hair growth, my electrologist recommends using aloe vera, ice and any other antibiotic ointment (other than neosporin).