How long does laser hair removal really last

What is the longest that laser hair removal has lasted?

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Well, the problem is that no one really knows. The longest follow-up data that’s out there is only around 6 months to a year. And it varies from study to study and from laser to laser. I can tell you that so far the LightSheer has worked best for me, but I’ve only tried that and the Apogee (alexandrite) laser. After two months (~10 wks) I had about 20% regrowth that was pretty light and fine. How long that would’ve lasted without another treatment, I don’t know. I know that after 3 months and 3 treatments with the Apogee, the hair grew back almost as thick as before (~70-80% regrowth) and I was pretty discouraged. There’s really no predicting how you’ll respond to the treatments, and some people don’t respond for some reason. I would suggest trying the LightSheer for one treatment, and if it doesn’t work…Electrolysis? (Though I tried that a number of years ago in Chicago and it didn’t work well at all. Got scars to show from it!)

Prior to my last treatment (back, chest, abs) I went over six months with minimal regrowth, around 10%. That’s permanent enough for me. I have no problem going in once a year for a touch-up. But there are people, for whatever reason, who don’t respond well, even in the hands of a skilled technician. Hormone levels in both sexes impact the efficacy of the treatment.

The key for all is to receive a high enough fluence to destroy the follicle without damaging the epidermis. This involves finding a practitioner with years of experience. Research the procedure thoroughly and you’ll be in good stead to make informed decisions. I’ve had great success using a combination of the Lyra, Gentlelase Plus and Coolglide lasers, but many on this board have seen impressive, and seemingly faster, results with the Lightsheer.

Most follow-up data is industry sponsored and therefore machine specific (to flatter the industry)
Ican tell you that areas that I treated in early 1998 remain on avarage about 80% clear in2003 - and that the machines available in 1998 had 1/3rd the power now current (at 755nm). How best to deal with that last ~ 10-20% is the really difficult issue - it tends to be facial. In easy areas such as bikini clearances of 95% are reasonably easy- but that last 5% is really difficult.