How long does it take?

If you have an area- let’s say the underarms- that you have never shaved, plucked or tweeted. How many times would they need to be cleared? Saying they are cleared each time?

I’ve been doing electrolysis weekly for over a year on my buttocks area. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting somewhere and then other times I feel like it’s all growing back. I have yet to get a full clearance. I am a female with very white skin and very dark hair all over my butt cheeks. I am just havin that "should I give up or should I find someone else " mini meltdown lol

Some say this is possible to do and have proved it! If your electrologist is not able or willing to FULL CLEARANCE OF HAIR, then this strategy is not an option.

Did your electrologist explain hair growth cycles to you? I dont know enough about your case to advise you to seek another electrologist., but i would think that weekly sessions for at least an hour, would have you well on your way.

In this case, An area that you never shaved/waxed/tweezed (or you didn’t touch it during at least 6 mouths) is called a “virgin area”. This is the perfect case to apply the strategy of 3 full clearances in order to permanently remove 99% of the hair.

You will have to wait 3 months between each clearance.