How long does it take?


I’m a 20-year old man who is tired of shaving all the time.

I don’t have a lot of beard hair. I tried to count them in the mirror, and I think there’s less than a thousand (of the coarse ones that are very visible which I want gone the most, anyway).

I read somewhere that an experienced electrolysis operator can treat 500-600 hairs per hour (and I believe each hair needs several treatments). Does this mean I could have my whole face mostly free of hair within a few hours?


P-chan, there are always more hairs than you’d think, since only a third of your hairs are visible at any given time.

If you go in regularly for an hour or two a week, you should be able to get most of the dark hairs gone pretty quickly. It’s hard to predict, since there are a lot of variables.

Once they’ve been cleared, you will have dormant hairs come up, and you’ll also have some regrowth.

Your best bet is to have a consultation, where they can give you a better sense of what to expect. If you don’t have a lot of hair, it might take 30-50 hours total over a year or two. If there’s more than you estimate, it might take longer than that. A normal male beard wll usually take 100-200 hours to get every single coarse hair. Many men don’t want to get all of it, just the dark ones, so it may be less. Some men with light skin and dark hair have had a few laser treatments followed by electrolysis, but there’s not much information on how much time this might save.


I’d say a little less than 500 a minute, maybe 400 in my experience, maybe less. Plus, some won’t be killed right off the bat. Finding someone really good is hard, but necessary. Don’t be shy about shopping around btw, making 15 minute appt.s with a bunch of people till you find someone you feel safe and comfortable with. Good luck, keep us updated. And p.s. THe total and final procedure always takes longer than you think it will. If you think it’ll take you 20 hours, it’ll take 40. Optimism will get you to the electrolysist office, but it won’t make the hair disappear. : D


Very true, Tonic-- you kind of have to just commit to it.

An electrologist using thermolysis can get a few hundred hairs in an hour, but galvanic might be a lot fewer. The trade-off is that galvanis is generally considered more effective, although operator skill is by far the most important factor in getting good results.