How long do you 1 touch units last ?

These things are rinky dink for me.They do work from what i’ve noticed but they just break down so quick.I think i’ve gone through a half a dozen of them in my life.

Like currently mine is out of control.The circuit is being completed without touching it at all.What could be wrong ?

The common denominator seems to be when the band starts getting badly pitted its downhill from there.And if i open the device up and attempt to repair or clean it up,i just make it worse.I end up chucking it in the garbage.

Do you guys experience the same thing ?

The One Touch units are pretty fragile. The wires will break under noraml use, the needles bend very easily, and the pitting of the band is a real problem and a messy way of implementing a switch to begin with. I did several repairs on mine and then finally just decided to build one from scratch that will hold up forever for not much more money. My experiences and device can be seen at

they are very fragle, mine seem to last 6 months before the dial gets broken, the needle bends easily buts thats not as bad

Yeah i just chucked mine out.

I was wondering …besides Follica…do they usually sell the One Touch units at places like Walgreens,Duane Reade,etc. ?

I used to be able to find the One Touch units at some of my local drug stores.

Using too much salt water solution is a real problem because once it gets inside the probe holder it shorts it out.

I have tried using other parts of my body as an alternate path for the current without success so I continue to use the probe holder. I have found that if I cut a small piece of kleenex to 3 times the width of the band, fold it 3 times so it ends up the width of the band and wrap it around the band (2 to 3 turns) that this provides a constant
(but not overly wet) salt solution.

Depending on how much hair you want to remove, be prepared to purchase a couple of units. I have however, learned to straighten the probes with tweezers so they last me quite a while but the probe will eventually wear out. Fortunately, the One Touch is not that expensive and overall the cost of hair hemoval is still a fraction of having it done commercially.

The one modification that has proven to be extremely effective was to add a foot switch between one of the wires from the battery to prevent current from flowing until I feel I have the probe positioned correctly. This has increased my success rate dramatically.