How long do the red spots last?

I have just brought a Sterex SX/T Thermolysis diathermy an epilator and used it 1st about 10 days ago, I still have small red dots is this normal?
this site is really good but it would be good to have some more imfo on how to use the machines ie setting, time, angle of insert.
I bought this type of machine because it is quicker. I had a one touch about 20 years ago and i found it to be very slow. do you think i made the right choise.

?what machine?

i’d like to try a new machine to. do u have a link to it??

oh ya, red spots etc. heal up quicker than zits. it’ll take 4 days max

errrrr a place that will ship it to the states? oh ye, i just got back from england. birmingham etc :relaxed:

nm, 250pounds? noway

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Sarah, it sounds as if you may be overtreating yourself. The red spots should not last that long.