How i know if the electrolysis machine that i have bought working good

Hi im migo… Before 8 years ago i was working out and in tgat time i used anabolic hormones for one time for one month after two years i realized that my body hair start growing in all my body tested my testosterone for two times everything was ok…before one week ago i started electrolysis for my arms but costed me much money… So now im thinking to buy electrolysis machine and do it myself… But in my area we dont have apilus brand. We have anothe brands local or chine brand with 13.56 mgh price around 300$…so my question how i know if the electrolysis machine working well? If the hair come out easy without plucking that means machine working good?.. Heres chine brand link YOU

Your link does not work, but Quartus makes a diode laser called Epilasyon. That is different than an electrolysis device. In many places you cannot buy a device like that for personal use.

Electrolysis is very hard to do on yourself. It is usually better to pay a pro.

Yes i know laser and electrolysis are different. But this company if you buy device from them they can give you free training for three days… So i want answers for tgis questions… How i know if the machine working good? If tha hair roots go out smoothly and without plucking is that meant the machine working? Is that mean Is that mean the electrolysis treatment has done? .

Cann you write on Google… Quartus iğneli epilasyon… Or epigold iğneli epilasyon…

Hello Migo,
I believe you are possibly the same person i spoke to on facebook.
I cleaned up your link to get to an english translation and those machines look fine for a DIY project.
Other brands I can recommend, Clareblend , Hinkel, Instantron . These are all 13.56 mhz epilators ( most ae except some apilus) and what you are looking for is simplest operation.Dials for intensity will line up perfectly with learning materials. We cant tell you anything about the efficiency of those epilators as none of us are likely to have seen one.
Stick to blend treatments if you are going to learn to do your own electrolysis . follow the guides in Michael Bono’s book and ask lots of questions. Its going to be more work than you think it is. Testosterone levels dont work like that. If you stimulate hair with testosterone it doesnt stop growing once testosterone is reduced again.