How effective is Light Heat Energy (LHE) ?

Hi, anyone out there who has tried LHE hair removal? Can give me some feedback?

Electrolysis is the only way of permanent hair removal. Some lasers were approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. There are many openly temporary ways to remove hair. Anything else claiming permanence, and they come up with different smart sounding names lately, is a complete scam.

i tried it for 4 times since last december for underarm. the hair grows back to be thinner than before but you have to have the treatment once a month. after 4 treatments, the hair is obviously a lot thinner than before. i don’t know how many more times i have to do it for all the hair to not grow back. but note that i am asian & the each hair is aot thicker than caucasian hair. i wouldn’t really suggest anyone to try yet, cos i don’t know whether it’s worth paying all that money and STILL have to shave after a year.

I am personally still in the process of doing the treatments for Laser Hair removal and I have to say-WOW what a huge difference it has made for me. I have tried everything else and nothing worked as well yet. I did 6 months worth and had a 4 month break due to work, even in those 4 months I had just fine hair and hardly needed to shave much. I still have 6 months left of treatments so we will see…

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