How do you know if a hair is killed ?

I think im correct with this but im just making sure.

After treating a hair and removing it i examine it and a clearish white moisty membrane about a 1/4" is on the bottom of the hair.Right underneath the membrane is a black “thing” larger then the hair shaft(papilla?).

Is it safe to say i have DESTROYED that hair if i see that ?

It’s no absolute guarantee-- you can sometimes gently tweeze out an untreated hair that looks like that. However, if it slid out after treatment and the bulb at the end looked all mushy and flimsy, there’s a good chance you blasted it pretty well. It may grow back, but if it does, it will probably be weaker.


when you first get out of the shower, tickle the area you are testing.

if goosebumps appear on the exact spot you think you zapped then you didn’t get it.

So Tiny, I noticed somewhere on the boards that you and James had a short debate about this goosebumps thing but I didn’t feel like that discussion ever ended.

So are you saying that on your arms that you have no hair and now no goosebumps either?

I was under the impression that you were only killing the inside sheath of the follicle where the hair attaches and not the actual arrector pilli muscle…is this incorrect?

If this is in fact the case and you have no goosebumps now, is it possible that you overtreated those follicles in some way and went into the surrounding tissues?

I’d be curious to know what James has to say about this one.



I’m saying that I do not get goosebumps where i have removed the hair.

i have tested this also. i do not get goosebumps at all on my left arm. yet I get goosebumps in a certain area on my right arm where the hair wasn’t removed yet (a small area)

ever seen goosebumps on yer feet er hands? hehe

then again, i never seen goosebumps on my head and it has hair… hrrrr… i’m still in the process of testing i guess… but it’s been a few months and I have yet to be able to goosebump my left arm

That’s very interesting Tiny…I can tell you as a hairstylist that people do get goosebumps on their head but not very often.
Have you ever gotten a chill and felt like your hair was standing on end on your head? That would be the goosebumps…I’m assuming that you are lacking hair on your head and that’s why you say you don’t get them up there, am I correct?
This is all very curious and would love to hear what James thinks of your observations too.

it’s confirmed i believe because I swear to god i do not get goosebumps where I have completely removed the hair

I find that I do get bumps on the upper arm though where the hair isn’t even visible… must be the fine fine hairs doin it, i’ll zap them and see if they still goosebumps but i’m near 89percent positive

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