How do/should I approach my electrologist?

I have some hair down there (scrotum and shaft). Is it safe/appropriate to ask my electrologist to get those hairs? I feel a little embarrassed to ask, but I want to if it’s been asked and done before.

I would ask her plain and simple. Some electrologists will not do electrolysis on the private areas, but you will never know unless you ask.

That should not be a problem for your electrologist. Some patients must be treated in that area before undergoing difficult surgery, urethroplasty. There is a surgeon in Barcelona (Spain) that he has learned to do the electrolysis. We have recently treated a young woman on her genitals because unfortunately suffered Rokitansky syndrome. This girl was subjected to one year for all types of lasers without any success because it is redhair. Fortunately, the electrolysis was there for her.

Thanks for the responses. I guess I’m nervous because it’s not above the private parts, it’s on them. Although I have the numbing cream, I know the skin is really sensitive in those areas.

Don’t worry about it at all. Most guys have hair on the shaft, and they ALL have it on their scrotal skin. This is not as uncommon as you probably think.

I think it helps to have had a few sessions with your electrologist before asking about this. Start with the back or some other non-threatening area. Build a relationship and a bit of trust first. I think some practitioners, particularly those of the opposit sex, must sometimes meet some strange clients.

Very good point, Sailor! That’s how it works for me in my electrolysis practice. Most of my women clients take this tactic before asking if I could remove some hair around their areola’s and I’m a female! I see them a couple times for facial hair and then I can just feel the intensity building when they are about to ask the question about removing hair around the areola’s. I can imagine how difficult it can be for a man to ask a female electrologist to remove hair from the privates first if most females are reluctant to ask for this service right off the bat.