How do I test my machine

Hi I am a do it yourself person who just bought a clareblend ultrablend for 400$ from ebay. Can you please tell me how to test my machine? Also can you let me know if i paid too much for the device?

It makes sense to test on an egg. A little bit of background I have been using the one touch mahine for quiet a while now, I have progressed with that but got sick of the many problems with it and brought a clareblend.

i read the forum and found that a blend machine is the best for novoice user like me.
Any help is immensely appreciated.

You have a great device for your purposes and no, you did not pay too much! You got a very good deal for such a solid epilator. Did it come with an instruction manual? Why are you testing it? You can send it to Dr. Myron Heimlich in Texas for a go-over to check the calibrations.

wont the shipping to and fro be a lot of money? The machine came with everything and is said to be in good working conditions. I want to start using it but dont know how. Can you also suggest a good book I can read?

Thanks a lot

Mike Bono’s book on the blend method, get it from texas electrolysis supply

You said you have used one touch before, seems like ultrablend should be pretty similar if you are using it in galvanic mode

[color:#CC6600]Yup, just like Mike Bono’s book describes, eggwhite is a great tester. I liked that! Its so graphic, right in front of your eyes. It really helped me gain a sense of the “teardrop” pattern. I also tested on red meat for galvanic, to see the effects, and depth effects, of lye.

I can’t speak for voltage stability and consistency, that would be a shop test. But I will say that a big thing to watch is electrical shorts in the handpiece. Those wires are very thin, it doesn’t take much to break them. Especially on a used handpiece. So, if you’re doing a treatment and a few hits seem kind of painless and you get more plucks than usual, replace it.

Sorry I got to the posting party late.