How do I start this process?


I have been paying attention to laser hair removal advertisements for the last several years. I suffer the destiny of being cursed with hair on my back, shoulders, arms…basically everywhere. I just graduated college, and the gift to myself is to start this process. Electrolysis was too slow for me…I like seeing results fast.

I have been online for the past few days doing some research. I found a lot of info at Dr. Jay’s web site, based out of New York. I initially went to a facility in Beverly Hills and had my consultation. They were very eager to work with me. They use a diode laser. But after reading more, it seems as though the light-based treatments yield better results, but are simultaneously more expensive.

So, to get the first treatment on my back, shoulders, and upper arms would be $468, for two hours. The facility allows you to pay for the first three treatments up front, and then you are given the 4th and 5th treatments free. If you require more treatments after that, they give you the option of buying the same package all over again for a further reduced rate.

So, with all that…here are some questions:

Do you know if the diode laser is the way to go when financially uncertain? Or is the light pulse treatment offer the most guarantee?

Does the package deal quoted to me sound reasonable for the diode laser? It amounts to $1600 for 5 treatments.

Are there any suggestions on places to go to in the Los Angeles area…price vs. reputation.

Thank you very much for any help or guidance you can provide me. I am going to Hawaii for the first time in 3 weeks, and I wanted to get my first treatment prior to that excursion. It would be nice to be COMPLETELY relaxed on the beach for once.


Dr. Jay promotes IPL at the expense of lasers, which I think is just hype and aggressive marketing on his part.

The diode is a very good laser in the right hands, but it’s probably more likely to cause side effects from overtreatment if your practitioner is inexperienced.

If you plan to do this before vacation, I’d do it sooner than later-- you don’t want to be out in the sun after treatment for a couple of weeks to help reduce the risk of skin discoloration.

Those prices are pretty competitive, but you should look for the person with the most experience.


Thanks for the quick reply Andrea.

I have made my appointment, and am going in for the diode LightSheer today. I feel pretty comfortable going into it. I have been doing a lot of online research on it, and have become more comfortable reading through the personal anecdotes here.

I had a lengthy conversation with the coordinator at the Beverly Hills Medical Group yesterday…It was our third conversation. I picked her brain about the IPL treatment versus the diode laser treatment. She was completely cool about not pressuring me either way. She just cautioned me about going with a technology that is so new, with no clinical studies published to date to back it up.

So, for a total of 5 treatments over my entire back, shoulders, and upper arms will be $1600. So I will be seeing a cost of around $335 per treatment. I was additionally comforted when she told me that if I am such a success rate (but she warns that she hasn’t seen anyone with such perfect results), then she would work with me on transferring my package to other areas of my body if I so desired.

The people who work on the clients are RNs who have also been trained by the manufacturer of the LightSheer diode. So, I definitely feel comfortable about that. The doctors at the facility are board certified, and sit with the nurse on the first appointment.

I will post my feedback soon.

Thanks again.


That’s an excellent price for the Lightsheer treatments. I would jump at that offer. If I were offered rates like that I would have my whole body done!

The Lightheer rules! Side effects are minimal and the results are great.

I would be interested to know what fluence they treat you at. Either as or look at the LCD display on the machine. It is very easy to read. I want to know if anyone can really handle the full 60J. They told me my skin is too dark for 60J and they don’t use that on many people. You just about have to be as white as a ghost.

Good luck and post your results.



BTW, most of everything I’ve read says that IPL is more likely to result in side effects than laser is.

Are the IPL treatments cheaper?