How do I prepare?

I have my first treatment for my face and buttocks on Saturday…Is there anything I am supposed to do to prepare? Is there anything I should do on THE day to either?

I have not been plucking for several weeks now so I got that covered…


Hi 'Chelle- I am not going to respond directly to your question, but instead address your statement that you will be doing laser on face.
I want to suggest that you do electrolysis instead because of my negative experience doing laser on face- no scarring, nothing like that, but you have to shave in the area the laser treats, and as a woman, I found my stubbly chin to be psychologically traumatic. I would touch it and cringe and be fearful that anyone else would touch it! It took a while to grow back.
To clear the chin with electrolysis would probably take a half hour initially and then 15 minute visits weekly for month or two. I did it myself and am very happy- I go to someone here in NYC who has never left a scar and in fact redness disappears after a half hour.
Laser would take longer over a year than elecrtolysis, and leave you with the embarracing stubble. And if you’re worried about the pain of electrolysis, use EMLA- it takes away about 90% of the pain.
As for me, I am now doing laser for legs- electolysid does leave temporary scars on legs and takes so much more time than laser.
But for small areas like the face, go with a good experienced electrolgist who can give you refferals.
That’s my two cents,

Thanks nancyk. Technically at the moment I am unable to pluck my face prior to the treatment so I am using a handy little gadget to maintain my face…it is one of those little $10 electric shavers. You have seen it on TV. Since I can’t remove the hair on my face, I use this little magic wand and it works wonders. I no longer have to worry about the stubble. It works so well, I even considered not having the treatment done because this item made the hair on my face seam manageable. But I realized I don’t want to just maintain, I want to be rid of it, so I am going ahead with the laser hair removal.