How do I make leg hair "thinner?"

I’m a guy with hairy legs but the appearance is given mostly to thick individual hairs. I don’t want to remove my leg hair but I would like to make the existing hair appear thinner.

I’d prefer not having to remove or cut the hairs so is there a natural way to my leg hair thinner? Like a homemade remedy/mixture or product I can buy at a grocery store.

(by homemade remedy, I mean like how rubbing your scalp with safflower/coconut oil can help stimulate hair growth)

There is no guarantee that you can make existing hair thinner indefinitely.

You can eliminate the thicker hairs with electrolysis and perhaps
eliminate only the thickest hairs with laser.

Probably IPL could be effective. One or two treatments will do.

uniden980, what color is your hair? If your hair is really dark, then that is probably contributing to why the hair on your legs look so “thick.” If you’re fine with optical illusion as a solution, then I suggest you just dye your leg hair to a lighter color (still the same color as your natural hair, but a lighter shade). This way, they won’t appear as “thick.”

The natural way of going about this is lemon juice, but since I don’t know what your natural hair color is, I really can’t say. Lemon juice is a natural bleach.

Carl’s post makes a lot of sense, however dying leg hair is pretty extreme. Your hair is a direct result of the size and shape of your hair follicle. The bigger the follicle, the thicker the hair. Also, if you have less than perfectly circular follicles, your hair may grow out more curly. Oval follicles produce curly, coarse hair. Your hair will naturally thin as you age, but short of harmful drugs, there’s not much you can do to thin your hair.


This is an older post but I thought I could help.

Try “Sun In” on damp legs. This is certainly not the most efficient way but if you are looking to lighten leg hair it will work.

I used it before I started shaving and the results were good. The best effect I found was to trim the hair to 1/4" and then use the product.