How do i know if my electrologists is effective?

I decided to start treatment with the only electrologist in my area. I was going to wait till I move in a few months to NYC but figured I’d get a head start. My question is how do I know if the treatment is effective? I feel no pulling and the hair seems to be removed after one pulse. The machine she uses is one of the newest out there and she seems knowledgeable. However, she has to take breaks every 20 minutes and sometimes feels like she is unsure on which hair to grab. It’s hard to explain but I feel her reach for one hair but change her mind then another and another and change her mind before she zaps one. I’m not sure if this is normal and she is just looking for a good hair. The area I am working on is mixed with dark hair and blonde hair. She told me she can do laser hair removal on the area. I’ve done laser before with o results. I am unsure if she only really does laser and isn’t comfortable with electrolysis. Does anyone know how I would tell if treatment is actually working? Or would I just have to wait a few months

Offering you laser hair removal is a red flag, in my opinion. An efficient electrologist would be extremely unlikely to do this.