How do I chat about pricing when most hair is gone already? What % lower leg hair would you estimate this is left?

I did laser because my skin is super sensitive to regular shaving, and gets super itchy and irritated when it starts growing back no matter what oil or lotion etc I use before or after. And the electric shaver isnt smooth. So my legs have looked exactly like this since I did this years ago with GentleMax. (getting GentleMax again now)

I’m fed up with how weird it looks and want to finish since I can afford to do more now. How do I describe the status to the new laser place I haven’t been to before? My legs were very hairy before. I’m not sure if I’d tell them, its reduced by 70, 80, or 90%. I have 10, 20, 30% left on this area. Whichever of those it is, how should they price my last treatments, since its obviously mostly already done, and its not like I’d need 6+ sessions like someone just starting. Should I ask to try pricing it per zap? Or should it be say, half the usual amount? something else?
(fyi I have 4 other areas to finish too, 1 new one never treated, so they’ll be getting plenty of business despite this)

[pics are of front of both lower legs and a side’]

I’m not sure any laser place is going to reduce their prices based on how much hair is left. They stilll have to pperform X number of treatments, especially if you have stopped for some time.Laser clinics price per treatment ( or package of treatments) . You eiether pay for and recieve a treat
ment or you dont.

I dont get that. Say a person has a leg with 40 hairs to zap, vs someone with 400. They really should both pay $300 each time or however much it is, not any different at all?

Im also genuinely curious if any places do ‘per zap’ to price it. Instead of an estimation of ‘x area’

You would be paying to do the treatment over a given area. The number of hairs you have growing in that area is irrelevent. You’re paying for the service you are being provided.
Given what you are asking amounts to trying to `do , which essentially is paying the practitioner less for the same work, given such a customer, I would honestly refuse to serve you if I were that practitioner.

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Fantastic. Im thinking more and I guess it actually isnt a huge difference in their time, if they need 2 min, or 10 or 15. In the grand scheme of things. Glad I asked before I talk to my actual place.

I think I just have the bad taste in my mouth of the last place I went to who ripped me off for a lot of money and I’m trying hard to not get ripped off again. I still dont even know how she used a gentlemax and could manage not to finish off or lessen my underarms in several sessions, I guess just wrong settings. Although I remember her saying “we dont even choose the settings, the machine calibrates itself!” when I asked her if she used really low joules/settings.
Its a very vulnerable position doing this, putting your body in a stranger’s hands, not knowing any details about their training or experience beyond a quick nod ‘yes Ive done this a long time’. Also financially, most of the time if someone’s ripped off there’s no recourse at all unlike in most things.