How do I become an electrolysist?

I am really interested in this and Im still young so How would I become an electrolysist?

You can start by going to [HairRoute dot com] and finding out the school closest to you, and the regulations for your state. Aprenticeships have a better chance of giving a better education, but they are hard to come by. While you are at [HairRoute dot com] you can go to the bookstore section and get The Blend Method by Mike Bono. It is an excellent book that actually teaches invaluable information on all 3 types of electrolysis. Other good books to get would be The Electrolysis Exam Review by John Fantz, and Modern Electrolysis by Fino Gior.

Hmmm, it appears all my friends have books, I guess I will have to write one out of peer pressure alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

It can be a great profession, and you can really make people happy! The Mike Bono book is definitely a place to start, and if you still like the idea, check out the schools James mentioned!