How did you find this site!

I stumbled on this site when I called a Laser Removal clinic, I made an appt. They referred me to the Consumer Behave site. I decided to see what other sites there were on hair removal and did a search and came across this one. It’s great, I learned alot and cancelled my appt. Did I almost make a mistake! Jumping into something I didn’t know anything about. Thanks Andrea.

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I’m glad to have you here, skopie! I’d be a little leery of anyone who refers consumers to Kitty’s Consumer Beware, too, although many people don’t know that it’s really a site promoting “Kitty” clients. They do a good job of making it look like a consumer site, right down to the name. We need to get the word out about this bogus “consumer” behind Consumer Beware!

this is a very informative site! i am searching for information for my partner actually, i found this site on a search engine. how do i get a password to the mature forum though?