How did you choose your electrologist?

When I did a search for an electrologist close to my area, I came across three. Two were in my immediate area. One did not have a webpage at all, and had no online advertising or any information other than she was an electrologist. I immediately dismissed her.
The second one did have a webpage…but she did not have any important information on the page. No testimonials. No before and after picture. No information about hair growth or electrolysis. Her rates were not listed and her availability was limited to 3 days a week.
The third was the one I chose to go with. She was an hour and a half away… which is fine (other than the gas being expensive). Her webpage lists much detail about hair growth, myths about hair growths (I enjoyed that), her availability was 5 days a week (much more doable for me), her rates were listed, and she had dozens of testimonials (that is MAJOR!)
She is also nationally certified.
Sometimes I’m tempted to check out the other electrologists just because mine is so booked all the time; but taking a chance with somebody who has no recommendations is kinda scary.

Hi justsomegirl,

Its not crazy for an electrologist to not self promote, have a website, advertise.
Most electrologists provide free consultations and the information you pick up from your initial meeting is more valuable than how an electrologist uses the media to advertise. Get your questions together and start picking their brains. It may save you time and gas money. Good luck.

I understand that, for me (and many others) it’s a comfort thing. I like to have an idea of who the person is and what their abilities are before I make an appointment.
It’s like when I purchase anything, I check the ratings on Amazon. If it’s rated low or there are no reviews, I will either purchase something with good reviews, or I will wait for somebody to review that particular item. I’m not much of a risk taker.

There is a local electrologist here who’s posted around 250 fake 5-star reviews for herself online. The only real ones are a handful, and carry 1-2 stars and loads of complaints. What does this tell you? That a large advertising budget does not mean great service, and usually means higher prices to support that budget.

Yikes! That is horrible! I hope she was reported.
I normally read a lot of reviews and can get an idea if the reviews are fake. People have different typing styles, and if you see the pattern, it’s a red flag.
I don’t think you need a large advertising budget to have a simple website with a few key things on it though. I believe I maybe spent $50/year to have one (different type of business but a large amount of information).
But if you are doing well enough not to need a webpage, then that is awesome, that means you’re getting the word of mouth advertising which is just as good as (if not better) online advertising. The problem with electrolysis (at least around here) is that nobody really talks about it (in person). I think that’s why I was “plucking” for so long. I never heard of electrolysis until I did some research on finding permanent hair removal.

Even if the electrologist has a website with lots of info on it, the only thing you want to base your decision on is the actual treatment.

You should go for consultations and short treatments (at least 15 mins) with as many electrologists as you can. From this you can deduce which you feel most comfortable with and whose treatment you prefer.

When I chose my electrologist I looked online at who was in my area. Most didn’t have much (or any) info online but with what little I could find I made a list of 3 to call. I called the first one and found her very warm and informative so I set up a consultation. I ended up going with her because:

  1. We clicked
  2. She explained everything she was doing and made me feel comfortable

I’ve been with her 10 months, she’s fantastic, and we just hit the point where I’m seeing huge results. Unfortunately I am about to move out of state and will have to find a new electrologist. When I go looking for a new electrologist to finish me up I will schedule consultations with people who are forthcoming with information and friendly over the phone. I feel pretty confident that I will be able to tell a good electrologist from a bad one in a short session because I know what a good treatment feels like and while my skin is very sensitive, I wouldn’t let someone treat me who left my skin a complete disaster.

I probably won’t look at online reviews because I’ve always found reviews for things that are very much service related (rather than goods/products) to be really unreliable.