How did it start for you? (back hair)


I’m a 22 year old guy, and I’m quite hairy. Mostly I’ve got hair on my chest, abdomen and legs, but recently I’ve been noticing some stray black hairs on my upper back and shoulders. It’s strange because I never noticed any hair on my dad’s back, so I thought I had a pretty good chance of staying clear.

I was wondering, is this how it started for you if you’re a guy with back hair? Does it just keep getting worse?

Hello BADSPELLAR; 22 and starting to grow noticeable albeit unwanted hair? That’s not unusual as your genetic code for this function has proceeded to kick in. I was about 27 when I went from a smooth specimen to a fur mat. But limited to the chest/abdomen and back area of upper body. Do not be discouraged as what is happening to you is perfectly normal, barring any medical contraindications. You will either accept your hair growth or you will explore ways and means of eventually having it permanently removed or perhaps thinned out, etc…

To give you a quick snapshot of what I did for myself, you could go to Professional Electrolysis section, click on Page 8, then click on my reply to “laceluna” on May 20, 2004. There are two brief posts there that you can read. Also there are many more excellent posts from professionals and also from clients that are going through the same issues as you are. There is a lot of food for thought on this website that will reinforce the fact that you are going through a perfectly normal stage of life and will present you with many options as to how to deal with this issue if you so choose. Take care and don’t overworry.