Can anyone tell me how to make GALVANIC electrolysis more effective?

I make sure that I drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, I have given up coffee,I do not drink alcohol 2 to 3 days before treatment,I use a warm mist humidifier for a week before treatment and I have given up eggs ( I saw this advise on this site,but I do not know the reasoning behind it).

PLEASE could anyone tell me what else I can do that will make galvanic electrolysis more effective.

Hi there,

What do you mean by “more effective”? Do you mean less painful or a higher kill rate?


Hello electrobaby,

Thank you for your reply, very sorry I did not make myself clear, I really should have said KILL RATE.

I look forward to your reply.

Here are a few tips from an earlier thread:

The main thing is improving the moisture content in your skin. Use emollients, humidifiers, and rehydrate a lot, not just before treatment.

Andrea, Thank you very much for this information.

I think the remedies you are doing should get you where you want sooner. Have patience and be committed to the treatment plan(which is quite imp)

Hello lashes,

Thank you for those helpful words.

I have almost come to the end,I have about 15 really strong hairs left under my chin,they are really hard to remove, but I am sure I will get they by Nov.