How big an area can one do electroysis?

I’m new to this list. I’m so glad to find it. I’m a guy with excess hair over much of my body. I’ve been considering electrolysis vs laser hair removal. I know that electroysis is a more permament solution but can it be done over large areas like your whole back or chest or just small areas like the face? How many hours of treatment does it take for the back for example?

Electrolysis is done over any area. By the way, your face can have much more hair than your chest and back together.

How long? It’s a common question and it depends on many factors like how much hair you have in the area, your hormones, your tpye of skin, type of hair and some others. It also depends on your treatment schedule.

There is a lot of useful information posted on this board. You will learn a lot by just reading through the posts. There is also a search feature on top right of the page. Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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