how are epliators different from an ordinary electric shaver/trimmer?

i’ve been reading about epilators and im not sure what the difference between them and an ordinary norelco electic shaver or braun or wahl hair electri trimmer

it seems all that the epliator does is shave off the existing hair, and does nothing to help permanant or even temporary removal. i use a norelco electic shaver everyday on my face, if i used an epilator, would i have to use it everyday as well??? i would think i would

someone please let me know what the difference is


Hi jayrob.

No wonder this is confusing.

First a definition: Epilation is the removal of hair, including the hair root, from the follicle.

Types of epilation :

Shaving removes the hair from the surface of the skin. It does not disturb the root system under the skin.

Rotary epilators yank out multiple hairs from below the skin use rotating springlike coils. It’s like mass tweezing. If you use a rotary epilator,you most likely wouldn’t have to use it everyday because you are pulling hair out by the roots. For further information, use the search feature on hairtell to find out more from consumers who use rotary epilators.

Professional electrologists use machines called epilators to remove hair permanently via the process of electrolysis.

There are many devices and methods used to epilate hair. Tweezing, waxing, threading, sugaring, abrasives are other options. All methods have their pro’s and con’s.

Shaving is the most popular, but hair grows back in 1-4 days.

Rotary epilators pull the hair out by the root, so it is longer lasting than shaving.

Electrolysis destroys the hair root and it is permanent- forever, gone for good, dearly departed.