Houston: Electrolysis By Betty, Inc.

Electrolysis By Betty, Inc.
Betty N. Lawson, C.P.E.
<p> 3222 Mercer<br>
Houston, TX 77027<br>
(713) 623-0206 / fax: (713) 621-1376 <br>
e-mail: bettylawson@earthlink.net<br>
website: <a href=“http://www.electrolysisbybetty.com”>http://www.electrolysisbybetty.com</a><br>
<a href="mailto:bettylawson@earthlink.net"><br>
</a> Office Hours:<br>
We are open 6 days, Monday thru Saturday, Days and Evenings
<p>Office Rates:<br>
<p> Description of Practice:
[li] We are located in the Galleria area of Houston and have been in practice [/li] since 1984.</li>
[li]National Board Certified Since 1986</li>[/li] [li] 4 electrologists to serve you. </li>[/li] [li]We offer a free confidential consultation and sample treatment; </li>[/li] [li]We use only sterile, disposable probes. </li>[/li] [li]Modalities of permanent hair removal: used are the Blend and Thermolysis. [/li] <br>