Hours in a day

I live in South Carolina and have been to over a dozen electrologist throughout the state and have yet to find a decent one. Unfortunately, SC doesn’t require any licensing of any kind. I have decided to try and take extra time next I take a business trip to NYC or Seattle and get several hours done at once. My question to James or any other electrologist is how many hours could be done over the course of two or three days. If the electrologist is willing could I do two eight hour days spread over my whole body. Depending on electrologist speed this could be 16,000 insertions or more. Also has anyone heard of Trudy Brown in High Point NC. This is about three hours from where I live but she seems to be the President of an Electrology Assoc. and her website says people travel throughout the Southeast to go there. I am little leary because she heavily promotes laser. In my previous experience when I go to places that do both and thety see that I have more than a little work to do they give me the hard sell on laser big time.

And that is exactly what the good Mrs. Brown would do with you as well.
The organization headed by Mrs. Brown is no longer considered an electrology association. They even changed their name to reflect their “new focus”. Of course, with electrology being the gold standard of hair removal, they are not in a hurry to drop their perceived identity as an electrology association. All the better to blur the distinction between LASER and electrology. If you ask the true believers in what is now called The International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists, Inc, they will tell you that “LASER is the fourth modality of electrolysis.”

It is really a shame, because those who were fortunate enough to receive actual electrolysis from Mrs. Brown had reported to me that they got good work done. Current information however, strongly suggests that she does as little electrology as possible if at all.

You are in a better position to evaluate that, as you are much closer to the area than I am, and have better chance of finding current clients of hers to speak with than I do.

NOW as for the other question, if all things were perfect, one could do 6 to 8 hours a day, three days in a row, if one could stand the sheer boredom of laying down and sitting still for all that time. Of course, everyone here will tell you that finding everything perfect is the hard part, and from there you will have to decide what compromises suit your situation best.

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Thank you for the information James. I don’t suppose you know any good electrologists in NC, SC, or Georgia?