Hourly Rate


I just completed my training as professional electrolgist. Iam a newbie to the market. Was wondering how much do the electrolgist get paid in detroit area.


Have you tried calling around Detroit and asking prices yet? I think you find it very interesting to see the variations. Some will probably be secretive and say they need to see you first and others will just tell you their prices. The national average is about $60.00 per hour. In my locale, the hourly fee ranges from $40.00 per hour to $101.00 per hour, but most are between $60 -$70 per hour.

If you are a member of the American Electrology Association, you can enter the professional forum and see their poll results on this subject along with several comments from electrologists about fees.


Most don’t tell price on the phone because most people asking the question don’t know what they really want to know.

You ask “How much do YOU CHARGE” when you really want to know, “How much will this COST ME?” Although they seem to be the same question, at first blush, they are not.

How much do you charge tells you how much you will pay for an hour of treatment, or portions of an hour. It doesn’t tell you how much you will pay for the area you want cleared, because that depends on how many hairs per hour the electrologist clears, and how frequently the client can show up (which is sometimes based on how frequently the electrologist is willing to schedule the client) and lastly how much time will be needed to finish all phases of growth.

No one can answer this question without seeing you, because they don’t know if you are the client who they can get to first clearance in one hour, or the one who will need 6 weeks of 6 hour appointments to get to first clearance.

It bears saying that the quicker electrologist is the cheaper electrologist, because the client will get more done in less time, and be finished sooner. The quicker electrologist also needs to charge more just to make the same money as a person who charges less, but works slower.

Although finding out what everyone else charges is a good idea, you need to look at your realities to figure out what you SHOULD be charging. Your overhead will make the baseline, and your skill and speed will make the rest.

Good Luck