Horrifying consult and mini treatment

I just needed some feedback. I had my consultation and what a nightmare. This woman could not do a proper insertion. In the past the electrologists always told me my hair released well, but this woman kept saying, I don’t know why is is not relasing. She kept saying, “I am going to pull it.” I only allowed her a few hairs, I do not want to be tweezed. Anyway, I am so depressed with not being able to find someone good. I am light skinned with light to medium brown fine hair. Two questions. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with no clearance on various body parts and it is not a hormone problem. I feel as though I am wasting time and money. It has been two situations so far: they actually treat the hair but use old equipment and leave horrible scabs or they use newer equipment and seems to tweeze. I am not willing to destroy my skin. So here are my two questions:

  1. Has anyone, anywhere out there has successful treatment for finer hair on the face and no skin damage and could recommend that person too me??
  2. I am considering traveling to Fino?? I will drain all of my money but is he as good as he states, has anyone had treatment from him??
  3. Does it make more sense just to lay out the money to travel to someone good because it has been two years of hell and depression and tears?
  4. Should I just buy good equipment and treat myself?
    Please any help is appreciated. Thank you again, I do not know where else to turn and I feel like I am losing my mind.

Yes, it is worth it to travel to someone good and get it over with. The skin and complexion you save will be your own.

Yes, Fino is good and fast. You may have a short period of time with scabbing and pigmentation to deal with, but he will remove every last hair you got to remove before you leave Great Neck if you dare.

Just keep in mind, electrology is a compromise. One has to get one’s priorities in order to know what one is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve one competing goal over another. If you get the fastest treatment possible, you will have to endure some short term negatives, (scabbing swelling, pigmentation) if you go slow you can possibly avoid scabbing, swelling and pigmentation, but you will also spend more time working on your hair, and possibly spend even more money on the treatment because you are missing so many hairs to the closing of the treatment window of opportunity.

So obviously, I don’t advise doing it yourself, as you would not know how to make the priorities of treatment a reality on the skin you would be treating. I always advise that those who are bent on doing it themselves instead get the best electrology books, and equipment they can muster, and an electrolysis buddy and trade treatment on each other. It really is easier and more efficient to do it for each other than to just do it yourself. If nothing else, you will get more hairs removed per hour having someone work on you, than you could working on yourself. Furthermore, a pro can remove more hairs per hour than your buddy can.