Horrific ingrowns down there. Surely not normal?

I had a full Brazilian bikini wax ten days ago and knew I would have some skin issues as I always do, so I avoided waxing for years but decided to go for it again. My skin has been getting worse by the day. It’s covered in red welts and boils full of blood and pus, it itches and hurts and is an eyesore. It looks quite a lot like acne in places. Now new hairs are coming through, making it even more itchy and unsightly. The therapist said that it would be red for a while and I would get some ingrowns, but that if I exfoliated and used a solution that she sold me, I would be fine. I’m using the solution, which has had no effect so far, but I really can’t exfoliate. It’s too painful. I keep it moisturised and clean, I try to let the area breathe whenever possible, yet it looks like I have some kind of disease. First of all, can this really be normal? Second, what on earth can I do to calm my skin down?

Yes the skin can react very severely when being waxed. But if several pores are filled with puss, I would strongly urge you to go to a doctor. This is infection! Also try a foil blade shaver like the Hair eRazor. My clients love them. It’s economical and there is no irritation or ingrown hairs.

Tina Kolinas
Licensed Aesthetician
Las Vegas, Nevada
Licensed Aesthetician

As tinamakeupdiva has advised you should book an appointment with the doctor. Never heard of a foil blade shaver…will have to Google this :slight_smile:

The first time I had a sugar wax done on my bikini line, it looked great! Then a few days went by and I had blisters and ingrowns all over the area! It was the worst my bikini line ever looked. I had the pus filled pores too, red and painful itchy ingrowns and a few small scabs. Yes, it sounds like you do have a lot of bacteria in that area, which is causing the discomfort. Because that area is so tender, maybe it simply cannot handle the extremity of wax…maybe it was the type of wax…maybe the wax was too hot.

Mine eventually went away. I made it a habit of soaking in a hot bath, as hot as I could stand it. And applying some Bikini Zone cream on the area. It stung a little but the ingrowns went down pretty quick and my bikini line healed nicely. Bikini Zone is medicated and sold in most health and beauty stores. The doctor will likely give you some antibiotic cream or a pill but until you get that appointment, try to invest in some Bikini Zone cream because it worked very well for me!

(By the way, my bikini line hair is very coarse and curly!!! My ingrowns are holy hell to deal with!! OUCH!!!)

This is, in fact a very common reaction and one of the main reasons that women initiate permanent hair removal.

This can be from several factors 1,Bad technique from the therapist or
2,bad aftercare or
3 bad home care, exfoliation should be done from 2-3 days after the wax and you should moisturise from day 1. with what you have said I would go back to your therapist and tell them your problems and talk it through, but these problems and they sound bad should not be happening so something is a miss either from her end or yours. Did they use strip wax or hard wax??

Sorry I have been away and I have been thinking up on your situation.
I hope that although now several weeks later, your injuries are on the mend.
Was this your first Brazilian wax? or are you a regular? if so have you been to this therapist before? is she trained in Brazilian waxing?
As a therapist who is trained, I would want you to phone me up and tell me that you have had a bad reaction from your waxing session. I would then make an appointment for you to come in and see me asap, so I could see for myself and try to figure what had occurred, and go through your routine and mine to try to figure this out!
I would take this opportunity to provide the very best professional service that I could.this includes not only taking payment but also dealing with aftercare and queries.
I Hope this helps.