Hormones or beard removal?

Ok girls out there contemplating to go on hormones first or do beard removal. I say wait for at least 6 months after you start beard removal to start hormones even if you are a millionaire. Ok here is the story. I was standing in line at Wal-Mart and the checkout lady called me a woman until she saw my facial hair. Are you listening to what you just read? I passed really well except for the fact that I had facial hair shadow. I was wearing a woman’s winter coat and clothes. I also work out allot also in ways to make me feminine too. I waited 10 months to go on hormones and I feel it has not hampered my beard removal at all! Just my take on beard removal, Beth

Do you want to be a hairy lady is the question

and you must know that hormones do not stop facial hair much at all!

I tell every person in transition that getting to First Clearance as soon as possible is the best plan. That is why I make it possible to do that in 15 to 25 hours in an intense program for out of towners, and we try to do it in no less more than 6 weeks for those in town.