Hormone Imbalances

hello, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
if when I go to a doctor, he finds I have a hormone imbalance, what happens then? does he just suggest a diet/some medication to try and balance it?
do I always have to be on it or does it fix it- and lastly- if it does…does this reduce the excess hair at all?
I’ve looked everywhere, no answer. It seems like hair removal is the only way to help, I hope I’m wrong. Thanks!

Sorry to disappoint you, but the bottom line is, once a hair starts growing, permanent hair removal is the only option to be rid of it, and electrolysis is the gold standard of permanent hair removal.

While doctors prescribe medications for perceived hormonal imbalances, the so called range of normal is so large, that many women who are experiencing a personal imbalance won’t show a number “outside of the range of normal”.

A good book for this problem is The Diet Cure by Julia Ross. it will explain many things that will help you.

ah, I figured as much. well, thank you! I want…agh I have so many areas I can’t stand I don’t know if I will ever wear a bathing suit again, and I’m only 18 (well, almost 19 haha)

on a somewhat related note, do you think electrolysis on the buttcheeks (external) would take a very long time and be very pricey? I mean the whole outside (and my lower back bleh) is a very large area…the hair isn’t course but brown and longer than the ‘invisible’ hair most girls seem to have.

thank you- I’ll check out the book!

the practicality of working an area has to do with the number of hairs to be removed, the spacing of those hairs, the thickness of the hairs, depth of the follicles, the rate of hairs per hour the practitioner you have removing the hairs can work, and many more factors.

This is why we are always saying that we can’t tell you how much something will cost, or how long it will take. If I saw the treatment area, I could hazard a guess, but even then, it would not be as good as the guess I would have if I were actually able to work on you to see what all the factors assembled work out to be.

now this is the part where I tell you that I have worked this area before, and the clients seem to be pleased with the results. :smiley:

thank you, you’ve been such a help! I wish my area had more professionals in this (I’m in a sparse part of canada haha)
that’s good to hear, though!