Hormonal Imbalance and Electrology

I have imbalance in my hormones. On my head I get less hair because of this. As far as i know I must take now pills for some time (3-6 months). I dont know yet which pills I have to take , for now i am asking about the “whole picture” - if there were such situations when hormonal imbalance affected hair removal? Can it somehow affect my current Hair removal(Electrology) ? Will my removed hair (with electrology) grow back again because of those pills?
Thank you.

Hormonal imbalance can affect hair removal. If you have a high concentration of androgens (male hormones) circulating in the blood and targeting hair follicles, we can have an ocean of problems just trying to keep up with all the NEW hair follicles being stimulated to grow. Once the follicle is properly destroyed, it can never grow a new hair no matter what the pill it is you are taking, no matter what the body does to try and repair it. It is destroyed for the rest of your life. However, the hundreds of neighbor hair follicle right next to the treated follicle MAY bloom and grow out of control. You just have to keep eliminating any and all hair follicles as they present bothersome hair. At some point, you will run out of hair follicles to treat.

What pill will be prescribed?


The pills prescribed are Propecia. As I understand (or so i read <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> ) the reason is because there is too much of some DHT ( DHT= Dihydrotestosterone ) and those pills suposed to lower it without affecting the Testosterone. Doctor said it will affect only the hairs on the scalp - which is very doubtful to me, thought so it also says on many websites. " Propecia blocks the Anzim “5 a reductase” which is the one responsible for creation of DHT on the scalp."
Is it the same hormone (or one of them) which you, dfahey, was talking about?

I was refering to androgens or male hormones in relation to unwanted body and facial hair,testosterone specifically. It has the greatest influence on the oil glands (acne) and hair follicles, not to forget the prostate

Ok, so will Propecia affect the hair removal or not?
(If its so then maybe I should just use Regaine so i will not affect the hair removal.)
Is Dihydrotestosterone (which is affected by Propecia) has something to do with the hair follicles “androgens or male hormones in relation to unwanted body and facial hair” too?
Becuase it says it affects only the scalp part…

Propecia will not affect your present hair removal on another area of the body because it is specific help for the scalp. There have been some unofficial reports about beard growth slowing down when taking a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor like Propecia.
Just know that not all hair follicles are created equal and the way your follicles on different areas of your body respond to androgens is predetermined in while you were growing inside your mother.

Follicles on different parts of your body respond differently to androgens. Your scalp follicles can be programed to become smaller and not as active when they come in contact with a certain androgen like dihydrotestosterone. Scalp follicles, therefore, can be more sensitive to androgens and their response to too much male hormone results in gradual hair loss.

On the other hand,to confuse matters, the follicles in your beard can be programed to grow thick when they are exposed to the same exact androgen hormone. These hairs actually need very little testosterone to keep them thick and active.

Has this helped?

Yes it helped, thank you.

My doctor said that my hair on the scalp is affected by hormones. On the face - is it all affected by hormones? Which parts of the body also affected by hormones and which are not?

Your entire body takes direction from hormones. That is how things get done.

That sux. Electrolysis doesnt work because I have too much hair (blonde) and its too thin for electrolysis to work (but it grows and its too long…) Does anyone care about people being so disturbed by too much hair on their face? Do they understand it ruines our lifes? Does anyone do some researches about some “cure” against all that? How many years of suffering must pass before? 10 years? 20? More? I will be old then - and after the Menopause! Then it will be considered to normal…

A competent electrologist utilizing advanced techniques, and current equipment can remove even hair of the type which you speak.

On the other hand, many people get bent out of shape over hairs that really don’t need removing. Without seeing you, I certainly can’t say anything like that about you, and yet, you must understand that all you really need to do is find out who the best practitioners in your area are, and get to work. If many people got their wish, they would only succeed in making themselves look plastic, because there would no longer be any hair to wick the sebum off their faces, and it would all pool on the skins surface making them look waxy. But, then again, many people dream of looking like Barbi.

I have not met the face job that I could not clear. The color of the hair has never made a difference, because the stereo scope and fiber optic halogen light source makes sure that I can see any hair you have.

James, I could be happy if you would live in my city, or at least in my country. But you live in U.S. and I live in Europe. So, I must collect money to come to you or you could just send the stereo scope and fiber optic halogen light to my electroligist <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Actually, I don’t understand why more electrolgoists don’t get themselves a scope, loups, or some such set up. One doesn’t have to go nuts and buy a medical stereo microscope like I did. One can get a loup and Hallogen set up for $1,000US or less, and one can get less expensive stereo scopes with light source for less than $2,000US.

With Electrology machines that cost $10,000US these days, the vision equipment is cheap by comparission, but the results pay a great return on investment. You can ask Franturel how her Stereo Microscope changer her practice for the better.

I wish more electrologists would put away the circle lamps and come into the new age.