Hi, I’m having real trouble coping with my hair problem. I’m 19 and its extreme and unsighlty…everywhere. I’ve though of trying Acu-light but have next to no money as I’m just about to become a University student. I’m not sure get up the courage anyway. It seems pathetic but this has really destroyed my life. I can’t even have sex with my boyfriend because I can’t bear to let him know what my body is really like. I can’t wear shorts, or short t-shirts and have scars all over my body from ingrown hairs etc…
Sorry to whine so much…I just wanted to talk to people who might understand.

There are several options, but it may take a while to find the one that’s right for you. If you have light skin and dark hair, AcuLight might be a good option, but the real trick is finding a competent practitioner recopmmended by someone who is done and happy.

If you provide some more details, we can give some more pointer. You are not alone! Millions of women have unwnated hair, and we’ll do what we can to help!

Hi Tabatha,

I just wanted to let you know, that you are not alone. I have that unsightly hair everywhere too, im talking from head to toe. It started when I was about your age too. I am 28 now, and it has not done nothing but got worse, and harder to deal with. I actually asked my doctor, to help me out with my problem. He said he couldnt give me anything to make the hair go away, but he could put me on birth control pills to keep any knew growth. He thought I might have a hormone problem, and suggested getting some tests run. But I never went for the tests, (what’s the point?) Sorry If I am long winded here, I have nobody to talk to about this. My husband does not even know, except for the hair on my back that I cant reach.
I made a bad mistake a few years ago, I started shaving everything. I am talking face, stomach, chest, etc… I have tried everything within my budget, and nothing works. I bought a home elctrolysis machine, hair just growed back. I bought a waxing system, hair just growed back, not to mention, the hair has to be so long for it to even come off. Nair works a little for the places I dont shave often like back. But, it leaves my skin burning and blotchy.
I recently just got married again, to a younger man, and well lets just say, I have been having to shave a lot more to keep that soft touchable smooth skin. It is starting to be a real burdon.
So, just wanted to let you know Tabatha that you are deffinatly not alone. This is my first reply at this forum. I hope I didnt give out to many details, but like I said I have nobody to talk to about this. I am open to any suggestion, that arent going to cost me so much.

Welcome, Carrie!

Thanks for lending support to Tabitha, and I’m sorry you’ve had so much problems. :frowning:

One thing you didn’t mention that’s within your budget and can be great for arms and legs is a rotary epilator. They cost about as much as one pro waxing session, but they last for years! The only major drawbacks are pain for some and ingrown hairs, which can often be cleared up by exfoliating and using a product like Tend Skin.

Check out the rotary epilator section for more details.