hopeful...so far

I just found this site and have been reading a lot of the posts.

I have had my 2nd treatment on my face from a diode long-pulse(?)laser. I have the specific name somewhere…and I am happy. I see a lot of negative responses, especially on the face. So far, my progress is good. It is going as my tech told me it would. I am not growing any extra hair, I am ‘shedding’ and do have bald spots. It kind of scared me some of the results of others. I hope I continue the way I have. I do most definitely shudder at having to shave my face, but if it helps in the long run it will have been okay! Anyone else using this laser on the face??

I’ve had good results too. I can’t wait for the next appointment in a few days. Be really wary of anything that seems like it’s designed to scare you off or steer you towards another choice. Some of these alarming posts may not even be real. Laser is a newer entry in the hair removal field. The old guard usual resists new technology. Especially when it does the job in a fraction of the time. The people dismissing laser as a fluke, or some sort of chancy thing are really wasting their time. It’s too large and successful of a technology to fight against by posting misleading facts on an internet bulletin board. As much as I have learned so much from this board, I still read with caution posts here by people with vested interests in competing fields. I know a few others probably feel the same way.

A Firm Believer in the the Syneron Comet Diode-RF

Will both of you please mark your calendar and post a year or two after you have completed your laser treatments and let all know how things are going? I know that’s pretty far away, but if you care about helping others, it would be of great value to hear about your long-term successes.



I finished my laser treatments at least four years ago. My legs have remained virtually hair-free with only the occasional lone hair popping up every now and then. Once in a while I get two or three around the knees.

My back has remained very clear. I’d say I have maybe 100 strays. Obviously, I can’t really count them.

As I’ve said in other questions, the treatments in the pubic area had the worst results. My theory is that the skin there is darker and at the time I had my treatments, they weren’t very good at treating darker hair. I understand there are newer lasers now that can handle darker skin.

I’m now having electolysis to clear what was left by the laser. I keep hearing that my results are unusual. If that’s true, then I’m very lucky and quite happy.

Hi hairlessinLA,

What type of laser was used on you? I am getting my first treatment with the LightSheer on 6/6/05. I got the 5 treatment package. I’m ready to do it, but it’s helpful to know other people’s experiences. Thanks!

Hi aya,

I’m embarrassed to say that it was so long ago, I’m not sure. I do know that they upgraded lasers at least once during the two or so years that I had treatments. If I’m not mistaken, the one I finished with was the Alexandrite.

I could probably call the clinic and find out… although my records are so out of date now, they may not even have my file handy.

Thank you for your response, hairlessinLA. I’m glad to hear that laser worked well on you. It seems like it doesn’t work that great on so many people…

Sorry I didn’t see the responses until now. I don’t know why so many people don’t want to hear anything positive about LHR. Vanessa your comment would mean…??? I have seen some of your posts…questionable at best. I have had my third treatment and am STILL happy. Maybe after a year I won’t be, but that is a long way away. I am enjoying the results so far!

It would be great to follow your treatments…keep us posted <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> I wish you the best of luck/ sarah

whyme…I will for sure keep on posting! I find the hardest thing right now is keeping sunblock on my face. I am usually always outside with about an 8spf. Now I use 38 sunblock on my face! Hopefully it is all worth it in the end!

hey putter <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />,
yeah it’s really important to put sunblock on. I think our treatments are much similar…tomorrow I will be having my 2nd long pulse(ruby)laser(perhaps you have alexandrite or lightsheer which is more advanced)on my face. How much improvement did you see after the first treatment and how long is it betwen the treatments? It has been more than 2 months now since my 1st treatment and the hairs have grown back but I can see some reduction where the hairs were most coarse…I hope the next treatment will give a more pronounced reduction…but one never knows

Keep posting in and evaluating your results, I really like to follow your process…it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this…take care/ sarah

Hi sarah,

I have had 3 treatments. I go 6-7 weeks in between treatments. My first treatment I did see some improvement. Like you, I noticed the coarse hairs were growing in slower. I did do some shedding. Do you shave in between? I do. So it is hard to tell, but I shave maybe twice in between and don’t really have that much hair showing. Before I was waxing once a week and lots of hair was showing. I do notice that when I get it done, my coarse hair areas hurt more because I think they are taking up more of the laser…but other than that I don’t find the pain at all bad. My laser tech advised me to look for the pepper shots now…they should start and show up…and they are. I just pop them and they are gone. One more less hair every time I do! I will keep you posted and you do the same…take care!

Putter, mind I ask what’s a pepper shot? And why would you pop one?


pepper spots are the hairs that are dead but don’t fall out as soon as the others, so you can see the black dot in the pore from that unattached hair. eventually, these shed as well and it’s recommended not to “pop” them. you can exfoliate in the shower etc to make them come out faster.

This was the worst experience ever putter…I got BURNED!

that’s unfortunate, but seems to be common with the old Ruby lasers…

It was LightSheer…

sara…what happened…how come you got burned??? Is it really obvious? Will the marks go away? What does it look like? What did your tech say? I feel really bad for you…you certainly don’t need that!

I got burned on my last LHR treatment. It mainly just left a really nasty blister that went away in about two+ weeks. I’m sure it could have been worse, but out of five treatments that was the only time it happened.