hope its in the right section,feeling crappy...

Just feeling alone without anyone to talk to get’s lonely…and this freaking hair always seems to get in the way of everything among my many other problems…I just feel like a loser…kinda trapped and helpless in my life.just needed to vent I guess.

Nightfrost asked me out for coffee tommorow. He has a friend coming in from montreal, the first time I meet this person. The issue? I havent shaved in weeks…and…dont WANT to because that will effectively kill any electrolysis for at least 4 days, and some hairs wont show for weeks.

I…DONt want anyone to see my face. And I dont want to shave it unless I REALLY have to.So ya, I understand!

Ever since I stopped waxing and plucking my chin area im more insecure about leaving my house than I already was have barely left it since i started…sorry your dealing with it too.

Have a look at the thread “forest for the trees” for a little inspiration. I posted some pictures last night. I had not shaved my face for 2 months! The final series of pics show my face as of today.

Now my results, are atypical. I had a machine ready to use every day and I often did ( when I wasnt sick) . A pro wont see that kind of result in tht much time unless they are doing marathon sessions. And I largely hid from public view ( still am, it’s an ongoing process) . But I hope, the pictures give you some hope that it CAN be done. IT is surmountable. Because I started with what was essentially a full male beard!


Trim the hairs with scissors.and know that no one looks at you that closely. It WILL be okay. Go see the electrologist if you need the hair gone. You wont regret it!