Hoo, Hoo! Treatment Four DOWN!!!

Hi Everyone:

I had treatment number four at a new place of operation. The old place is now CLOSING!!! Can you believe it? I wonder if my beloved CoolGLIDE was repossessed and was NEVER broken as the tech/owner at the old place told me. Who knows for sure.

Anyhoo, I went into the new office and was treated for three and a half hours!!! Not the usual 45 minutes for all parts except hair on my head or arms, but EVERY where else!

The tech used the CoolGLIDE and I must say, my chin hurt like heck, eyes tearing and all that, but I made it through without any problems. Full bikini was a little painful in one spot, but not anywhere else. Strange.

Also, when I paid, the tech gave me a discount on one full “follow up” treatment for upper lip/chin, underarms, chest: spot treatment, abdoment above belly button, full bikini, buttocks, full legs, one mole on arm, and four toes came to $937.00. I was delighted! I’m sure the next two treatments will be a bit more because the tech gave me a 25% discount on this treatment.

On the best note, NO HIVES, NO ITCHING, NO RED MARKS, NO NOTHING, NOT EVEN PAIN afterwards. The CoolGLIDE was set on 50 joules. Is this low for the Nd:Yag laser? It is a 1064, what that means I am not sure. However, I am convinced that the GentleLASE PLUS (old place of operation) could not distinguish my dark skin from my hair color and that is why I was burned with that laser.

I am pleased as punch! And ALL the parts that I paid for were treated! Not just parts with visible hair and skimming private areas. Can’t wait for the next one!


PS My legs are smooth as silk. No more red itchy bumps after shaving and no more red itchy bumps when the hair grows back in post shaving! HURRAH!!
PPS Oooh, before I forget the tech at the new place just came back from a Palomar seminar in Boston. Apparently, they are working on a laser that will target the hair cells and not pigment, so this new laser will be able to zap light and white colored hairs!! The laser itself is complete, but the hand wand isn’t. This laser is due out in October, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Oops, sorry I meant to say, “PS My legs are smooth as silk. No more red itchy bumps after shaving and no more red itchy bumps when the hairs grow back in after WAXING.”

Hi Junie!
YAY! I am SOOOOOO tremendously glad to hear that you had a positive experience this time! Thank goodness ! This place sounds like how things should be!

I absolutely love the YAG! It does hurt a bit more, but hey, it’s definitely worth it!!! A small price to pay!

Cool news about the new laser! I really hope it works!
Keep us updated!

HUGS! :relaxed: