honestly disheartened and a question

I am far from home, but happy to be in a place where i can access professional Electro on my face, for a limited period of time, before i return. The rate is VERY high but the work is best of what ive tried out there and being on my face I dont want to risk inferior quality work . i see that i could quickly drain my small savings but grateful for once that a pro is able to work on me. There is no way to reach the person doing the E unless it is during a paid appointment so I would appreciate any input here.

In preparation for this chance I grew out all the hair on my face , so im feeling a little shy about really being public and getting into meeting freinds etc. So this choice is affecting my time here by keeping me fairly low profile…

i was kind of surprised then when the person treating me ,treated me once for an hour and then said to return in 2 weeks. on only my second session, worked for only half an hour ,so there is of course still lots of hair there, and told me it is best to follow a schedule and come in every 2 weeks and to shave 5 days before the appoint so they could see which hairs were in the correct stage of growth. So here i ve grown out all the hair thinking it would be best for clearances like what i have seen/read here. Yet the E’s I have met dont seem to do the clearances as described on this forum. Im confused. Though i am happy to shave as it will be easier to be face forward during my time here , I am not even sure that there would be anywhere close to as much hair visible following shaving 5 days before an appointment.

Maybe i am just tired of the game, but honestly i am loosing my faith that this will be possible in my life time. Just feeling disheartened by this entire journey into hair removal

Where is the question?

Oh sorry Barbra, i can be long winded! Im also feeling a little down so maybe the need to express…however The question is related to the method. If it is ideal instead of coming in with all the hair grown or , better to shave 5 days ahead of appointment to allow the pro to see what hair is in the right stages.

Ps i really like your quote

The growing your hair out strategy is only recommended by those pros who believe that electrolysis successfully kills all hair regardless of whether they are telogen, anagen etc. Josefa is an example. I can think of only 1 other pro and maybe a couple DIYers who have asserted same repeatedly in their posts.

Most other pros like to work on anagen hair because they believe electrolysis is most effective in this phase. This is when you will be recommended to shave some days prior to your appointment to ensure that whatever pops out on the surface is in the growing/anagen phase or that you keep your appointments every few days for the same reason.

I hope I’ve cleared some of the confusion.

Some of the hair in the area I’m being treated is so fine that I grow it out just so my electrolysist can see the hair. I am in the end game of my treatments though.

I’ll say it again, you have to want a change to happen. If you have hair on your face, who cares! You are doing something about it, and if all goes well, it won’t ever be there again. My preference is to grow hair out about 5 days also, it’s just part of a technique that i use to assure the hair i’m treating can be killed. Not every electrologist will be the same, just like there are some who using different methods (blend etc…) some just have different quirks. If you’re getting the job done and you’re satisfied with the work, don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’m sort of scratching my head with this one; i guess i don’t fully understand your story or background.

Just a heads up here danika, the toes are probably one of the toughest to treat with DIY. The human body just isn’t made to be contorted at some angles… I think you’ll be working with a very large distance between sight and treatment area. My treatments were successful and actually come to think of it the toes might have been my starting (testing) point too.

Oh and also danika, once you start hair removal you have to be [i]consistent[/i] with it (and by it i mean scheduling and keeping up with appointments) for at least a year to be sure everything is destroyed. I wouldn’t waste your time and/or money just to be let down again if you cannot make this commitment.

The same story is true for laser.
The same story is true for electrolysis.

[font:Arial Black]Thanks so much for your replies. VERY HELPFUL all of you. [/font] :grin:
I do really like to understand what I am undertaking and have really been groping in the dark on this art!! I have FINALLY , as of last night ,for the FIRST time, got my hands on some reading material so I can understand this alot more. I was burning through Hinkel & Lind book last night so the light is beginning to go on.
ANd what you guys replied with hit the nail on the head!

My challenge on my face is that there is no-one available in my town to do Electrolysis (E from now on) so therefore I dont have a way to have dedicated appointments though I wish that was the case! I had thought that I could try to do plan B , which is what what i saw here with Jossie’s method: grow out as much hair as possible, get extensive treatments (clearances) out of town and do it over again when i can return to repeat the procedure. Seemed like 3 clearances and things are good. ([i]BTW, Jossie, if you read this, I now wonder how long is the time between clearances??[/i])
However none of the E’s I have met with work that way. [/color]In reading Hinkel last night I read that if one doesn’t have consistent appointments that the hair can rebuild itself !!! EEks … [color:#FF0000]Sooooo due to my circumstances and NOT being able to have regular appointments, i am wondering now if there is any effectiveness to the path I am on ?? [/color]That may be a hard one to answer as i suppose it is tied into the successful kill rate, which cant really be known !!!
So now I am left wondering if it is helping overall that at least I am possibly killing certain hair and having some improvement or am i just wasting my time because without these appointments the hair has a good chance of regrowing ??


A couple of thoughts come to me from reading through the thread.

  1. What kind of hair problem do you have? Is this some random annoying hairs, or is this a beard?

  2. Electrologists practice effectively with all kinds of techniques. Some of those techniques are non-traditional. I believe that cells killed means cells killed. Not completing your series of treatments would mean that you don’t get “done” but many people need to take their time in getting their electrolysis treatments. I have known clients to take a year or two off for various reasons and when they returned they had not lost ground - they had just not gotten done as soon.

Far be it from me to contradict someone who has written a book, but I have a client who came to me for back hairs. We cleared his entire back in a reasonable period of time, but due to his family commitments, we never did any work at all from mid November, to early January. Eventually, he just gave up on the idea of ever getting those hairs, because he figured, I will always be the person handling the holiday stuff, extra work at the job, and living in the snowy north eastern USA, that back hair is buried under 3 layers of clothing during those 45 days.

None of the hairs from the rest of the year have built back up, and what little hair exists during that 45 day window have not increased. He is very happy with his result. He completed his work ten years ago, and we talk every now and then.

[color:#993300]Hey Danika,

Hmmm… I’m thinking about this statement:

if one doesn’t have consistent appointments that the hair can rebuild itself

What page is that on? maybe I can clarify. What I love about electrology is it’s absoluteness, what is killed in a session, is done dead kaput. Not like “Dawn of the Dead” I would urge you to keep going to even spotty appointemnts. My upper chest work was like that, on again off again. It always resulted in decline though. Although the pro never completed the work, I always saw reduction with each visit.

It’s urged to keep up on appointments because that gives you the fastest clearance, you know, so each cycle gets plinked as it prairie dogs, otherwise, you can miss it’s anagen cycle. You know, and all these hairs are on different timetables, so you might have to sit next to the gopher hole in a lawn chair with your 22 cal. gophergun for a month or so before you get the chance again.

…kind of like Caddyshack.


[size:11pt][color:#993399]James, Mantaray, Thanks for that info. It certainly helps because once i return home i become a pumpkin ( under snow) again and there is no more E for me until some undetermined time in the future when travelling again if may have the chance to find someone who can go at it again! So that may mean an hour or two in many months from now …sooo YOur info gives me hope !! :slight_smile:
Mray- i will get back to you on the page # …

THank Goddess for this forum and you good people who post ! May you be hairless, and happy in your next life for all your good deeds!
The pro here is the best of those i have tried but there are a few frustrating aspects. I havent really been told any type of information or plan. It is very expensive and sometimes i get the feeling they are more about the money game than any true passion for what they are doing. Like i am just another number. It is also strange in that it is a franchise . Only 40, 000 if you want to buy in!! I had a couple quick questions but there is NO WAY to reach the person that did the E!! You have to go through a switchboard in another city and all they do is book appointments. So there is no email or phone to reach the practitioner !! It reminds me a little of the wizard of oz where it takes alot of shuffle to get to the man behind the curtain. I mean even the man who wrote the book on E , Mr. Bono has an email and gasp, answers his phone !!

I had seen this pro once for sideburn area, everything on face grown out. He did an hour 10 min, cost 150. Told me to return in 14 days. Returned but there was really only some tiny amount of scattered hair in that area. The rest of my face has blonde hairs wasnt sure about what he would want to do, or not do about them so arrived the same with everything still totally grown out. He worked a bit here and there, for half hour missing the few hairs in the side burn area.Said he would do the stache area but didnt touch it. Maybe he meant at another time? I had booked an hour , especialy being out of town i figure i need al the time i can get, but at half an hour i knew my treatment time was up as the next girl was waiting so I asked if he knew how to treat two tiny red cherry type marks i have. They werent raised and have ony been there for about 6 months but look exactly like the videos posted on another thread here. I figured if nothing else for this sessin i will have those cleared. He said he could do it, told me i might really feel this zap and did some deep insertions that were more painful than others ive had. Well, Absolutely nothing has happened with those marks , in fact they may be slightly more irritated. I would have much preferred him to just let me know that he doesnt know how to treat them! Now i have to cough up the cash again if i want to try them again. I am NOT rich so this really can be frustrating!! I couldnt reach him to ask about a plan for the remainder of my time here , and the questions i had posted here. Once again all i can say is thanks for this forum , It is my light in the dark murky world of hair removal
( kidding)!! [/color][/size]