homemade tend skin?

I was wondering if someone could post the exact formula for making Tend Skin at home. From looking at various older posts, I know it’s a combination of aspirin and alcohol–but I wanted to double check if there was any particular ratio.

Also–after my last electrologist appt (thermolysis, upper lip), I was left with some redness and breakouts that look like they might hyperpigment. Any suggestions on how to best take care of the skin? I thought tend skin might be helpful.

hi there,

did you try aloe vera gel? it helps in redness and all that. i used it yesteday and today for first time after my sugaring session on my arms, legs, thighs and underarms.

about the home made tendskin… it was our one and only james walker who suggested this wonderful idea and he said you just take alcohol (whatever amount it is) and keep adding aspirin until it stops desolving. andyoru done… but besure to apply with cotton or wear gloves… its highly corrosive on skin…

mind you i never tried it yet…so far the aloe vera gel works ok… but i still got to wait a while to see if i break out into bumbs and white heads. if i dont, then the aloe vera is my miracle.

by the way, does tendskin work the same as aloe vera… like i mean, is tendskin to control redness and that stuff… or is it like specific for something else? and how often should it be applied?


Tend skin is a sloughing agent. It will take off the upper layer of skin, thus releasing the trapped hair. Aloe is a healing agent that helps sooth the skin and regenerate itself. While I am at it, Tea Tree Oil is an anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent that helps the body heal, while safeguarding it from infection. It also has the happy added benefit of dissolving puss and other particles that may be trapped in the skin.

Tend Skin type products are best applied using cotton swabs like “Q-Tips” so that one doesn’t end up having pealing skin.

Thanks for the recipe. I did try Aloe for a few days, but was still having problems with pimple-like whiteheads (gross, I know). I’ve been prone to acne during these summer months, which I’m sure makes it worse.

Tea tree oil sounds like it would be the best, but it’s so expensive. Would a makeshift tend skin formula just make it raw?

Just to follow up, I’ve been using my homemade tend skin formula for three days now with visible results. Breakouts have been reduced and discolorations are starting to disappear. I’ve been applying it before going to bed and after washing my face in the morning. I’ve also been using a new facial cleanser (Eucerin Foaming Cleanser for blemish-prone skin) that helped clear the skin up.

Everything is healing nicely! :smile:

You could probably also go the other direction - dilute wart remover. It contains salicylic acid, which is the same thing as, or closely related to, aspirin.

Not to hijack the thread, but I was wondering about the tend skin formula applied to scars… will it help to slough off the scar material… I don’t suffer from abnormal scarring, but the incision site has been used three times, so it is a bit red and lumpy in places… My real theory is that there are a few deeply inmgrown hairs trapped, but I dare not start digging and trying to find them… I was told about rubbing the scar with fine sandpaper, but the tend skin sounds better!

Any experiences or suggestion in my case?


be careful with the wart remover, I once put it on a sore (stupid huh?) left it overnight and it burned the HELL out of me. that took forever to heal and it was discolored. It is ~20% salicylic acid.