Home-use or travel for clinic? (Norway / Europe)


New member of HairTell and need some advices regarding my situation.

I am a male with pale skin with unwanted dark hair on my shoulders and back. I live in north of Norway and we have two clinics which offers hair removal. Both with IPL and extremly high price. $800 each session. They are out of the question! Talked with both and they also lack the experience and knowlegde about hair removal.

My two options are:

  1. Travel

  2. Buy a good home-use unit

  3. Travel
    I can travel south to our capital (oslo) and get it done for a fixed price - $4650. They do as many treatments needed, and they use Alexandrite laser. Very good feedback from other users and good knowlegde and experince with hair removal. This is the laser they are using - http://www.irradia.no/1rubin-laser.htm (this is NOT the link for the clinic, but the supplery of the laser)

I think I need 10 session. Since I have to travel by plane and train, the total price will be about $8500 for 10 sessions.

1.1 Is there a clinic in Europe which offers a cheaper treatment? The additional traveling cost isnt that much, so the total price might be reduced.
1.2 This laser has been the same for over 4-5 years. Any feedback on the laser?

  1. Buy a good home use unit

Due to the simple fact that the price on my hair removal is hefty, I am considering buying a machine myself or maybe with some friends. We can do our treatments and also treat others. I search ebay and found these:




Remember in Norway we have 220v/230v.

2.1 Any feedback on the machines?
2.2 Do you know of any others machines?

3.1 What would you do?

Thanks in advanced for all your answers!

It will be far cheaper in the end to simply pay the $8500 than buy any of those cheap lasers on Ebay. They will not give any good results, will break down and/or you will injure yourself badly. As someone currently getting laser hair removal done, I can’t imagine for a second doing it myself or getting a friend to do it for me. You really need someone who has the right equipment and who knows what they are doing. $8500 is a lot of money, but unless you can find someone closer, it is the only way to go.

  • Is any of the hair dark, dense and COARSE? This area is hard to treat because most men don’t have coarse enough hair for laser. You need to figure this out first

  • There are lots of cheap fares around Europe via discount airlines like RyanAir. You can look into going to London. There are many discussions on clinics in London on this forum. There are also some posters from Germany.

  • If your hair is not coarse enough, you should consider electrolysis instead. There is an electrologist from Spain who posts on this forum.

Can you post a photo?

Home machines won’t provide you with permanent removal, even if the hair is coarse.

4545 - thanks. Truely appreciate such a strait answer :slight_smile: Now I need to find the right clinic :slight_smile:

LAgirl - I will provide a picture within a couple of hours :slight_smile: Yes, RyanAir provides cheap fares. I try search the forum for clinics in London and Germany.

Oh! There you are!

Contact the magazine/assocition “Skønnhet og Helse” in Oslo. If you are even considering electrolysis? There is a woman in Bergen I trained (closer to you) who also can use local anesthetic (not a bad way to go). I have, sadly, forgotten her name, but maybe the association can give you the reference. Tak!

Hi Michael!

I have considered electrolysis. Since I want to do my back and shoulders I have heard the cost of electrolysis is higher than laser. Any comment? I just finnish reading your site and the information about the treatment. Very good! :slight_smile: But as you point out - the results depends on the electrologists. Any other people you trained in Europe? Since I live in Tromsø, it is actually the same price for fares abroad as bergen.

Then there is no doubt about it: Jossie in Spain!
I have never in all my days known a more dedicated electrologist. I actually think she’s an angel or a saint of some kind. Saint Jossie: “parton saint of the hairy?” I may go to Sapin myself and have her finally finish me!

And, at least, PLEASE give her the chance to illustrate what we can accomplish. Have her do a shoulder or two — wait 2-3 months and have her zap it again. This will be your standard from which to judge all other hair removal methods. Do your homework before you spend thousands of dollars!

I’m starting in a new Medi Spa in June (Montecito — half a mile from Oprah’s house) and I’m going to offer FREE treatments to guys thinking about having laser. I will give them a 1.5 hour free clearing and then repeat this in two months. After that, they can make their own decision. I’m excited about this and will call it “the laser challenge!”

By the way, never never say “Rumpen i Vaerre” to the folks at Skønneht — they will totally know you have been talking to me! (Long, very silly story!) I miss you Sidsel!

You can’t compare the two methods like that. Electrolysis treats hairs one by one. However, it’s the only method that’s effective on all types of hair. Laser will only work on hair that’s coarse and dense like underarm or bikini hair. If that’s not what you have, your only option is electrolysis regardless. Speed depends on the elecrologist. An average one removes 5-10 hairs per minute. There is also an electrologist from Germany who posts on the electrolysis section of the forum here.

LAgirl - I shaved my shoulders and back some days ago, and it is hard to get a good picture of the hair. I´ll wait a couple of days, and then take some photos. Ok? And secondly - I cant seem to find the clinics in london and/or germany.

Michael - I will call “skjønnhet og helse” and see if I can find the woman in Bergen. Do you have a website, email or some way I can contact Jossie?

Jossie is:


She posts on Hairtell all the time. All her data is in her profile.

heeeee Jossie :smiley:

Use the Advanced Search feature and expand results to 3-5 years. It is set automatically to 1 week. Search for London and Germany. Lots of posts.