Home use laser system



Looking for information on a specific laser hair removal home use system.

I cam across a website that is selling a home use laser hair removal system. The name of the company is Quazar and the name of the system for sale is the Long-Pulsed Diode. The company sells three models. Can anyone provide information on this company and their systems?

I’ve added the company’s website address below and my email.

Many thanks. Ethan

Long-Pulsed Diode Laser rodrigun90@hotmail.com


Oh my God, I’ve never heard of a home laser system. It’s pretty pricey, I wander if it really works. If it really worked, I would think that the potential to use it wrong and hurt yourself would be high. I’d love to get Andrea’s opinion on this.

Edited to add: Hmm, I guess maybe it’s just a scam. It says that you can get 90% clearance with one treatment. Yeah right.

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I went the professional route and basically Ive seen this site before basically you go to Global Electrloysis website you click laser than you click on a product to order it and it takes you there to the website you linked above. Ive never delt with the company so I cant say anything but Andrea Site is very helpful on hairfacts and you can read about the company there and other people experiences. But as far as I know no home machine exists but I can be wrong and I assume no fault if I am wrong


That company and the products they sell are scams. Avoid at all costs.