Home made 'tend-skin' solutions

Hi All,

I was just wondering how effective people have found their home made ‘tend skin’ solutions? Possibly comparing to the real ‘Tend Skin’ product - if possible??
I know that, for myself, there is just no way I’m ever going to pay what they want for one of those bottles - especially considering that I don’t currently have a job.

So to start this new thread off – I’m using about 4-6 325mg pills for 2 ounces of solution, using either 70% iso or 91% iso… I don’t yet know which is better - it’s hard to tell between the two at this point.

I seem to find that, overall, it works quite well, but I’m quite new to ingrowns, so I’m very much a newbie on this topic…
All I know is – After applying my home-made solution, about 1-2 hours later a ready-to-be-released ingrown hair seems to ‘magically’ find its way out and I’m then able to slowly pluck it out with a sterilized tweezer.

I’m interested in hearing other people’s solution ingredients and ratios as well as what you use to hold them in - such as “a glass bottle with a metal top” - and where you got them from, because this stuff is said to be fairly acidic. Of course, I very much want to hear about how successful your particular solution is with ingrown hairs compared to how bad the problem was to begin with.


BTW - I also want to know if it made your legs/whatever very ‘shiny’ - this stuff seems to do that to me as a side effect, even though I regularly exfoliate in the shower… I actually kinda like it! Like it a LOT, really! :cool:

The home aspirin formula will not work. The acetylsalicylic acid will not penetrate skin without Propelen Glycol and glicerin. Also that 3% concentration is too low. It needs to be around 10% w/v.

review this document.

Thanks for that document explaining the ingredients - and the reasoning behind them - in the real Tend Skin.

However, as someone with very straight hair, it at least SEEMS to be working fairly well. I’ve only been epilating for about a month, so only time will tell with more certainty. But since using it, I haven’t noticed any new ones yet.

It seems that the propylene glycol and glycerin mainly serve those with curly hair… The pro-gly being more of a moisturizer, and the glycerin being something that allows it to get into the follicle.

However, maybe I should increase the concentration a bit…??

Which actually begs the question – Does the follicle opening exist all the time or is it only there when a hair is poking out of it?

And on that note, a related question would be - If after getting a hair removed/killed via electrolysis, does a follicle opening continue to exist?

Well, I’d still like to know the answers to above two questions…

But - I decided to mix that solution with some ‘sunburn relief’ stuff… It contains both propylene glycol and glycerin, as well as lidocaine, aloe vera, and tea tree extract.

I have no idea on how much to add, but have been experimenting with it and have been finding better results with this formula so far.

Just thought I would add - since I’m talking to myself anyways…

I added more of that sunburn relief stuff as well as more aspirin. It seems to have improved its performance a bit.

Just an FYI…

Frequently, we all think we are talking to ourselves around here… until you say something that offends someone, then you find out just how many eyeballs are reading your words… And How!