home made electrolysis device components within EU

i’m sure my situation isn’t so desperate (luckily) and other issues need help more seriously, so i won’t yell ‘help badly needed’, yet if you have the few spare minutes please read on and help if you can!
like most people here i’m trying to get some nasty hair removed, yet i’m a student on a VERY low budget, meaning that even a one touch is too expensive if it lasts no more than a few months. also, male hair removal is a topic that is to be avoided in our country, so ordering online with my parents’ credit card would be rather awkward. thus i decided to make my own device based on the hairfreethere site. problem is, as it probably have turned out, english isn’t my native language and understanding all the terminology is tough. basically i’m trying to sort out what parts do i have to order online no matter what and what parts can be purchased at any domestic DIY store or skipped entirely.

what i’m confused about in particular is the piece that one actually holds, that resembles a pen. does it consist of a probe (needle?), and a stylus / needle holder, or is there a third intermediate piece to which the needle itself is attached? is there any function of the stylus other than facilitating the grip (and of course forwarding the current) or in theory it could be omitted or replaced by anything to which the probe can be firmly attached?

second thing i’m seeking advise on (promise there won’t be more <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> is a supplier within the EU that sells appropriate needles and a compatible stylus (if required) similar to that of Uniprobe suggested at hairfreethere. the reason i need the EU equivalent is to by-pass my parents, as i can use my friend’s credit card, but it is authorized for online purchase only within this area. since i’m not at all familiar with these devices and brands, a direct link to the products would be the best.

i know some reading the post may think this home electrolysis with a home made device is a no no, but given the unavailability of professional services of this kind even to females in our country, and the somewhat limited money i have this seems to be the only option for a permanent solution. i don’t care about scars nor pain, and i’m fairly comfortable when working on really small details and also in front of a mirror and i have the patience, yet lack the money, so please understand my choice. thank you!


here’s the link to the uni-probe company. I’m not familier with the machine you’re talking about building or how much the components cost, but I’d be willing to bet you’d be better off with a one touch. Your local pharmacy might even sell them. Good luck, Kay

What country are you in? What are you currently doing to remove the hair?

Do you have an understanding AC and DC electricity?
Do you have an understanding of how these energies interact with the dermis and epidermis - skin?
Do you have access to sterilants?

If you are smart and can learn, you can build your own maching but if you do not have an understanding and you attempt to build your own machine, you are dangerous to yourself and perhaps others.

Building your own simple DC Electrolysis machine is not hard nor is it expensive - operating it is hard.

Hey Key2, thanks for the advice, though uniprobe’s online distributor does not ship to our country, and that’s exactly why i was inquiring about alternatives <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Arlene: EU stands for european union, thus i live in europe. so far i did waxing, shaving, and tried probeless crap. yes i do have that understanding of physics, and no i don’t know what the exact interaction is between skin and electricity, at least not more than what pure logic dictates. But i do know that a 9 volt battery can’t do harm that i would care about. You see this being all cautious about everything that is so characteristc of American people is not that well received here. (This is by no means an offence, it’s just part of that culture and not part of ours.) For example i did my very own piercings for myself, and before going ahead i searched for some info on the net after which i felt like i was about to kill myself <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> (And this answers your last questions: i do have sterilants.) also i do have plenty of practice subjects on my leg <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> as i said before there is no professional electrologist in our country and even if there was, no men would visit that’s for sure. also i don’t have the money for laser treatment, so there aren’t much options left for me. finally the area on my body that i would like to treat is not visible. so considering that apart from pain and some possible aesthetical defects that only i’d know of there is nothing at stake. but thank you for the warning, i appreciate it!