Home lasers cleared by FDA

One of the most common questions I get is laser hair removal for use at home. First and foremost, almost every “home laser” should be avoided. Most do not work as claimed, and some are about as effective as the laser scanner at your local supermarket. Only use a device that has been cleared by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These include:

Silk’n by Home Skinovations Ltd.
TRIA Beauty

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I want to buy tria DIY laser , my question is for how long a DIY laser can be used for face and body? I mean is it safe to use it for the rest of your life ?

You will need to buy a new laser when you have used all the pulses. I expect it would take several years to use all the pulses if you were treating your face and body. I see no reason why it would be unsafe to use for your life provided you continue to follow the safety precautions.

Any permanent reduction is extremely limited with DIY laser devices, so you can expect to be treating yourself every two to four weeks for the rest of your life if you want to always be completely hair free. In fact, these devices should be more accurately described as temporary hair removal.

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I would also add that only ideal candidates with light colored skin and dark colored hair will see ideal results.

If you’re asking about safety and long-term health effects of using a home use laser the rest of your life, the home use lasers use non-ionizing radiation, which is generally recognized as safe. You do need to be careful of eye injuries, though. Always follow all eye safety instructions.

thank you so much actually i want to replace waxing with home laser because waxing causes breakouts and itching due to ingrown hairs and for face i would have preferred electrolysis but currently in the country where i am living nowadays there is no professional electrologist so i have to do laser

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