Home Laser

Anybody hear of this?

Home Laser
The new Long-Pulse Diode Laser hair removal system is now available exclusively for purchase online. 999.95
Long-Pulsed Laser Hair Removal System

By Advanced Biotech

Hi Talia: Checked this website out and it looks like a re-packaging of old technology. The use of carbon dates it, but I will check with our medical director anyway. The energy level on the home unit is way too low to effectively remove any hair, and I don’t recommend home treatments anyway - too easy to hurt yourself. This includes waxing, electrolysis and of course, laser hair removal. Treating yourself in any of these modalities is much more difficult than treating anyone else. I’ll keep you posted on this :confused:

I cant wait til an effective home laser is on the market.

That will be a great.Laser anytime anywhere in your privacy.

Why hasnt it already been done yet ?

I knew that it was probably too good to be true. :frowning: But the site looks very professional, but I know you cannot go by that.

They even have pigment for the hair to aid removal of those nasty blondes and greys.

Sigh, it would be sooooo much easier to zap them at home as I have had both electrolysis and lazer done to no avail.

I totally agree, seeing how hairs will always grow on the body, purchasing one of these, if they work for 1 or 2 grand would be well worth it, just have a friend or loved one help you out. I’m sure some day it will come, and I think I read somewhere on this site that Gillet and some other company are trying to market or create a home unit. Even tho it won’t be permanent it prob will last longer than waxing and seeing how all this hair removel seems temp anyways i’d buy one…