home laser units ?

are there ANY legit 1’s out there ?

i have seen a few like epila that go for about 500 bucks.do these work ?

Those are glorified pointers! Simple flash lights!
A total waste of your money! If you have that kind of dough to burn, send it to me, or Andrea. We promise not to spend it on boat payments, yatch club memberships, or the like.

Real LASER units cost $55,000US to $250,000US. What part of you believes that one can take even a $55,000 machine and scale it down to $500US? Furthermore, it is not lawful to sell a LASER device capable of the power needed for hair reduction to just anybody.

It’s like those news paper ads that promise brand new Honda Accords for as little as $100US, it is only a come on for you to buy a book that is nothing but an auction directory. Technically speaking, it is true, you could get a brand new Honda Accord for $100US at an auction… Assuming the opening bid is $100.00 (possible) and no one esle bids against you after you accept the opening bid. (Think Judy Tenuta saying "IT COULD HAPPEN! – Not in your wildest dreams!)

Spend some time at our sister site in the scams section.

agreed. all home laser machines are gimmmicks, otherwise, all laser and electrolysis technicians would be out of business <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.