home laser removal does it work

i am currently remove my hair by laser with machine,
1.i would like to know if i just spending my time or it may reduce some of the hair from my legs chest ?
2. another thing i would like to know , i have seen some people talking about increase hair growth cause of this ,can it happend to me too :S?
i am very afraid because i have still done some cycle and dont want to look like a moneky :frowning:
3. can i reduce my hair on my face ?
thank !
i am male with light skin and dark hair


can it increase hair growth ?

Yes but it depends on your hair in the region, hormones, settings of laser etc etc. I’d read the paradoxical laser hair stimulation thread on the main page.

ty very much,
as i understand it almost not possible to happend to white skin with skin type 1 and it is more possible to happend to darker skin,
i am white skin ,

so i will ask again , no chance it will reduce some of the hair ?
will i look less Hairy after the use or not ?

all the site in the internet lie to us ?

No chance it will reduce the hair, yes you are being lied to. You might as well throw your money out the window. Save it and spend it on professional hair removal.

While you can get affordable electrolysis machines for home use that would be capable of killing follicles, home laser machines are just not able to produce enough energy. Don’t buy it or use it.

And the internet is not regulated. Of course these sites will lie to you, especially if they can make a little money. Don’t give them your money.