Home laser purchased, awaiting delivery.

Hi all,
This is my first post, however I’ve been reading the forum for about a month now, and I must say thank you as all the info provided on here has been really useful.

I was unsure whether to post my experience or not, as I’ve seen people recommend products in their first post and often people are sceptical as to whether they are geniuine or just trying to get free advertising. I would like to stress that I am geniuine, I run my own business selling festival & travel survival kits in the UK and have nothing to do with this industry.
I’ve chosen the Silk’n and if anyone’s interested I will keep you posted!

I would like to know if it works.
Will you also try it on facial hair?
Thank you

You just need to have the right expectations for it, as it’s not permanent like a true laser. I’ve owned Silk’n, and I’m male. I’ve tried it on face, legs, underarms, hands etc. I really didn’t get any results except on my hands. It actually did stop the growth there for a bit but after I stopped using it, it all came back after a month. So it does work a bit but it’s not permanent, so as long as you’re okay with using it all the time then it’s not horrible but I’d still recommend a professional laser.

Thanks guys, I think I have fairly realistic expectations. I have had IPL in a salon on my bikini line, which I would say was very succesful, also on upper lip, not bad, but not as great. I wanted home IPL as I suffer really badly from ingrown hairs with waxing at shaving. (I wax every 4/5 weeks and have to shave once inbetween sessions). I would be happy with either a reduction in hair, say 50% or just longer between waxing/shaving sessions, ideally both but I do not expect permanent removal with a home machine. (Thanks mainly to this forum).

I think I will wait and see what the machine feels like before deciding to use it on face. I know the company say not to, but come on, wouldn’t you be tempted too?

Should have also said that salon IPL for my legs is way too expensive. I thought this might (fingers crossed) be a good compromise.

I did it on my face, it just hurts though found I had to turn it down. The Silk’n feels different than a laser I found, I guess since it isn’t a laser. It feels I guess more like what you would expect a really hot light flash on your skin would feel like. On legs you barely feel anything, underarms right in the middle you felt it, and face was the same. Doing private areas I had to turn it down it was killing me there!

Thanks for the heads up. I have a fairly high pain threshold, but didn’t really know what to expect for Silk’n.

Make sure to check the manual as well as by default the first 50 or so pulses are at the 1st setting and can’t go higher. There’s a way to override that though, something like holding 2 buttons together. It says in the manual, but make sure you do that since the first setting it super low and a waste of the first 50 shots I think!

Thanks, I will do. I will do a patch test first, but yes, i don’t want to waste the bulb.
I can’t wait til it arrives, but if it’s not here tomorrow i’ll have to wait until next week!
Do you need to use any lotion with it?

Nope you just do it with nothing on it’s pretty easy, just fires a bright pulse, wait about 2-3 seconds and fire the next one.

You shouldn’t really compare the costs of professional treatments to this since you won’t get permanent results here. I think it’s fair to assign a higher cost to something that will produce permanent results where you won’t have to do much to the area again.

Besides the legs, are you looking for permanent results on any other area? If you still have coarse dense hair on bikini for example, I don’t see why not spend a $100-200 more a few more times and get it removed for good with a true laser.

Don’t forget that this thing is also not cheap and requires maintenance investments periodically as well.

For your upper lip, you need electrolysis.

Yeah I agree, that’s key is that the Silk’n needs $60-80 replacement lamps all the time. $60-80 would do quite a bit of laser depending how much you needed it. You can usually find underarms for example for less than $60 a session even.

I agree that salon laser should be attributed a higher cost, but also it is fair to compare the two, as I my options depended on my budget. I was quoted over £1000 in two salons to have IPL on my legs and I simply do not have that money. I did have £380 for the silk’n and over time I can save for the lamps, therefore I compared these two as they were my options.

I had my first session yesterday. Fairly painless and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I will update as to shedding /effects etc as and when i see them.

Please do, LouLou.

Has anyone seen the SilkN commercials recently? So convincing. They are selling privacy.

The last post I put on the “Just Got my Silk’n” thread pretty much says it all. These home devices are equivalent to electric tweezers. They are being marketed as home laser products which are equivalent to a professional machine. This is false advertising at it’s worst. The Silk’n, along with the Tria, belong on the infamous list of scam hair removal products. Has anyone got the results the ads claim? Nobody ever will. Sounds like an electric tweezer doesn’t it?

Silk’n is not a scam product. I have been using this product since may.

I’m 33 years old, female and have been waxing, shaving, using an epilator etc for 20 years so I know what to expect from these removal methods and the silk’n is nothing like that.

I do not think it is permanent, but I do not have a hair problem any more. Before if I shaved the skin would only be smooth for a few hours and the next day my legs/bikini line would feel like a mans 2 days stubbles. I always were very consious about the hairs - trying to hide between long jeans etc. You probably know the feeling.

With waxing/epilating the hair would only be gone about 5 days. Then i needed to shave. I had to exfoliate every day, and even then I would get ingrowns, marks and embedded hairs.

With the silk’n all of this is gone. I have not used the silk’n for 2 months and only a few hairs are present. I dont need to shave daily. I can shower in a matter of minutes now! I dont have to be embarassed if any one sees my jeans slipping up or touching me etc. I have no marks or ingrown hairs. My skin is for the first time in my life totally smooth when I wake up in the morning!

The price: In the beginning I used a lamp every month - now I’m down to using one maybe every other month. I treat entire legs, very extended bikini (from the navel and down and behind). I have all in all used almost 8 lamps so far. For the first 5 treatments I used the silk’n every 2 weeks. Efter the 5-6 treatment the results starts to be very obviously.

I live in a country were laser is very expensive and I’m very hairy (or was ;-)) and the price I have been quoted for professional treatment have been around 1000$ for 4 treatment just on my bikini (and not as much removed as I’m removing now).

I think you will be happy with the silk’n if you are female, live in a country were laser is not as widely available/very expensive, follow the instructions (please shave before! Do not wax in between etc), are very hairy and just wishing to be ‘normal’!

So yes I have got the results - and most people I have read that have had an entirely negative experience have been male or have had very high expectations and not much of a hair problem to begin with or did not follow the basic rules.

No one said this is a scam product. What has been said is that it works as a TEMPORARY solution, but it’s not permanent. If you’re happy with temporary results, then you’ll be fine. And paying $60-80 for bulbs a month or so.

If someone DOES HAVE the option to get decent professional treatments, it doesn’t make sense to pay this much for something that’s not permanent and requires consistent maintenance and investment.

Btw, if you had enough hair to wax every 5 days, waxing wasn’t being done properly. Hair doesn’t regrow that fast. You would only see that if it’s not being removed with the root in the first place.

The poster before me said it was a scam :wink: And have made numerously posts stating the same thing.

When I wax or epilate the hair breaks. Professional or not. I do know how to do it ‘proberly’ as I have done it for literally decades. I did not have hair enough to wax every 5 days, but I had to start shaving at that time. If i used my epilator I had to start shaving before that. I actually had a time where I epilated every week AND shaved 3-4 times in between. The reason I epilated was that there were less hair to shave, making it possible to keep smooth longer after shaving. It keep my body kind of smooth but left my with horrible ingrowns.

I’m just commenting that this is not the same as waxing - this give very extended temporary results.

The price will not be a bulb per months except in the beginning.

If the hair is breaking, you’re not doing it properly.

Btw, how did you find this forum?

Well then I and all the beauticians that have tried to remove with wax have not done it probably. (Edit to add: some hair broke, maybe 5 % and some hair just grew, that had been below the surface at the time of waxing. Not all the hair was the same place in the hair cycle at the same time. My hair never got synchronized. So after 5 days my legs was hairy enough to warrant shaving) The bottom line is that for me wax does not work and as stated I have extended experience with it. I know that for other people it works.

Let me refrase who I think will benefit from silk’n then:

If you are able to use wax and be totally hair-free for 4-6 weeks at a time, you probably will not be happy with the silk’n.

I really don’t understand your question about how I found this forum. This forum is not a secret and I have known about it for years and periodically checked the boards. I even think I have an old not remembered user name here. I think it is a very strange question and it leaves a bad feeling.