Home Laser Kits

I am so glad that I found this site! I am a 30yo male with excess hair on my back/chest/shoulders. I am interested in some of the home laser hair removal kits and would be willing to spend a couple thousand dollars if I could find a product that actually works. Am I dreaming!! Is finding a product that effectively removes hair on the large areas of the body all from the comfort of your own home even possible? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Joe [color:“blue”] [/color]

Hey what’s up Joe, I am also in your shoes. I was looking to buy a home unit to remove laser. Well I guess a couple of thousand of dollars won’t go too far. I am interested in buying a professional laser on e-bay through Trinity or MedOne Online. I am interested in buying a Lightsheer or a Gentlelase. They cost anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 for a used one. I will probably end up buying a Gentlelase, because they are cheaper and still just as good. I have about $20,000 saved so far and these companies also do financing and you can buy cooling gel and numbing cream from them. I am currently living in Houston, and I have been trying to make some connections with people who may want to buy a laser. My parents own a medical building in Houston and I have been meaning to ask some of the doctors if they want to offer laser as a service. I would like to co own this laser with some other people and also use it business wise to make some money. If you or anyone else is interested in co owning a laser, please let me know. You can contact me at EricR747@aol.com Thanks and have a nice day, Eric