home laser kit

Hi I am a male and have been thinking about ordering the Long-Pulsed Diode Laser. I don’t make much money and i think it would be cheaper and less embarassing for me to pay $999.95 than to go to a clinic. It says it will work for skin types 1 - 6 I think i’m a type 4 , i’m not sure. I just need help. i’m sick of this hairy nightmare. the website is, www.hair-free-skin.com in case you’d like to check it out. If anyone knows anything good or bad about it please reply thanks.

That website is actually Global Electrolysis Supply. I almost bought something from then, but with some luck, my credit card couldn’t go through since I forgot to activate it. WOOHOO! Check on HairFacts.com and click on scams. It will give you more info on them. Hope it isn’t too late!